Nestle- new initiative to cut down plastic waste

India generates close to 26,000 tonnes of plastic a day, according to a CPCB estimate from 2012. Worse, a little over 10,000 tonnes a day of plastic waste remains uncollected. So, tackling plastic waste becomes our first priority. But how many of you had really seen a fine shift in plastic usage? Few or may be none. Earlier this year, major companies across sectors, including RB, PepsiCo, Nestle and Hyundai all pledged to cut down plastic waste. Our Prime Minister Narendre Modi also showed his concern over the issue and suggested banning plastic soon. But this plastic ban is now becoming a regular thing with not quite a good impact. So organizations, NGO’s and government across the globe is now working on changing individual attitudes towards the same.   


So this news is for you all- “KITKAT GOES GREEN”. Now this doesn’t mean literally but means that Nestle is on their new mission of cutting down plastic waste, how? Now your favourite chocolate KITKAT chooses to use origami instead of plastic wrappers! Now this is an interesting technique. According to a report by Unilad, KitKat’s parent company- Nestle, had revealed in January this year that it would be committing to use 100% recyclable packaging for its products by 2025 by rolling-out alternative packaging materials and forming partnerships with packaging specialists including Danimer Scientific and PureCycle Technologies. Nestle, a Japanese chocolate company had already used this technique in their home country where Kitkat is the highest grossing chocolate with 4 million chocolates sold every day. And so the hype is in India as well. According to Statista, this move alone is expected to cut down on roughly 380 tons of plastic each year. In February 2019, they also began eliminating all plastic straws from their products, using alternative materials like paper as well as innovative designs to reduce littering.

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And same they are doing now. By not just using paper they are using the much old Japanese trend of Origami. Now this is a promising initiative as the technique not only cut down the plastic waste but also aims to engage more customers. As the paper wrappers will have instructions on how to make figures out of it, just like what they did in Japan, this initiative is no doubt going to increase child engagement even more, meaning- “To kill two birds with one stone.” Smart! Apart from their long term goal of 2025, the company also aims at sorting and collecting plastic waste in the countries who don’t have a proper waste management system.

So let’s see how much impact is this initiative gonna make in a country which grows to 22 million tonne of plastic each year.

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