Online Makeup Stores You Should definitely Know about


The Ladies have been obsessing over makeup since ages, the men have been assuming makeup to be alien since ages and the kids have been destroying the most expensive Palettes and lipsticks since ages. Something that has not been up since ages is – the online makeup stores.  Graceful. These online makeup stores are not just stores, it’s God showering his blessings on makeup maniacs. Have you ever thought about it? What’s better than sipping coffee and watching which brand launched what cosmetic! With so many online clothing stores, now we have a new world for makeup, hair care, skin care etc. these online makeup stores are new in the market- let’s check them out!

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If you’re wondering what’s more exciting, it’s the brands and the products these online stores offer. From India to every part of the world, these stores have almost all the brands. The best part is that they categorize the products according to their purpose and categorize brands according to the Alphabet. Plus, the major point that pulls every human being is Discount. These online stores also send updates on the latest discounts and special offers to their subscribers who buy frequently. They have a mobile app for each online store. There’s again this thing called ‘Points’ which keep on adding every time you buy from these online stores. Some of these amazing stores are:

Nykaa :

Nykaa is the most trusted online store for makeup today. If we talk about a single store that’s taking over the market it’s Nykaa. Girls drool over this store. Nykaa has been the most amazing app if we talk about the designing and layout. The way they have categorized each product reflects the efforts and the brains that have been put in- to build it. Whenever two makeup maniacs sit together, there’s no chance they won’t talk about Nykaa. It has a huge variety of products, like Maybelline New York, Lakme, M.A.C, The Face Shop, Loreal Paris, Biotique, Huda Beauty, The Body Shop, Kama Ayurveda, Innisfree. Nykaa too has it’s own range of products – Nykaa Cosmetics and Nykaa Naturals. The best part about Nykaa is, you’ll see film stars promoting it. Currently, Janhvi Kapoor is promoting it on full power.




Purplle is another amazing online makeup store with an amazing design and layout. It has got products like –Faces Canada, Plum, Sugar Cosmetics, Davidoff etc. It’s beautiful and the application is also user friendly. It has a feature called Beauty Assistant which is specifically provided to assist the user to look for the product they need without hustle and confusion. For an instance, if you’re looking for a lipstick, it provides you the categories for the skin tone you have, for the perfect occasion and the purpose for which you need that lipstick.

It has another thing called the Magazine which again is of great use. It has categories like – Buying guides (start discovering), How to’s (watch and learn), Makeup looks (get inspired), Beauty routines (Start reading). No Beauty maniac can ever ignore this app.




Strawberrynet is named this way because they say that their products are as fresh as strawberries and are genuine. They buy products duty free and sell them at discountable prices. They claim that all of the customers they have are satisfied and are spread across 200 countries.

Their refund policy is also great and the products are 100% genuine. They sell a range of around 33,000 products from 800 brands including – Benefit, It’s skin, Innisfree etc.




NNNOW is a fashion and makeup hub for the modern Indians who look out for genuine brand experiences. As a reliable online portal for International brands like Sephora collection, Estee Lauder, Makeup For Ever, Givenchy, Bobby Brown, Natio, Tom Ford and leading Indian brands like Biotique, Forest Essentials and clothing line from Flying Machine, True Blue, Unlimited, amongst many others, they not only showcase the largest variety of makeup and clothing for these brands but also offer the freshest and trendy products.

They are dedicated to create a highly personalized fashion experience, they have a range of apparel, footwear, accessories, beauty and skincare products to serve to the various needs of the customers. It may be repeated, but they do have something for everyone.




HOK Makeup:

HOK make up is another online makeup store that provides an easy interface for the user. The website looks really attractive, so attractive that once you land on their page, you won’t leave without buying a product or two. There are products for men, women, mom and baby and combo offers too.



So, next time you go looking for products you need, spend no money on travelling. Grab a coffee and surf.


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