People’s road- The miracle man

miracle man

Where there is a will, there’s a way is well understood by the young 28-year-old IAS officer Armstrong Pame from Northeast. Who with his unbreakable determination and with the help of the volunteers build a road stretched over 100 kilometers- connecting not only two states but connecting lives. With the urge to build a road, the miracle man wrote a request letter to the government but when the request was rejected- he didn’t lose hope but actually was happy to do it all by himself!

“After writing my IAS exam, I came to Tamenglong in 2007. Since I had hardship in my childhood, I decided to visit all 31 villagers of Manipur to see how people live.” Said the young officer.

But when he witnessed no road connectivity to certain villages like one from the villages of Tusem and Tamenglong, he decided to write a letter to the government for funds. On failed rejection, the young man didn’t yet down his guards yet choose to do it all alone. And this didn’t happen out of anywhere instead due to the wish that he was asked to full fill. It happened when he saw patients carried on bamboo stretchers, people walking for hours carrying rice bags on their backs and swimming all over to reach the other end. When he asked what he can do for them- their only wish was for a road. Short of funds, miracle man decided to raise funding through Facebook. Much to his surprise, one day he got a call from a man in the US, who wanted to donate 25,000 dollars to the project and next day over a call, the Sikh man was determined to donate 30,000 dollars.

The charity began at home, so Pame himself went on to add Rs. 5 lakh from his own pocket. And in a very short period of time, the team was able to raise an amount of Rs. 40 lakh for the project.  Enthusiast by this, they were able to put all the resources together and the hard work of helpful villagers cut down the labor cost for the project.

The opening of the 100-km “People’s Road” in February has earned him huge respect and appreciation from around the world. His selfless act in such a short period of time earned him the sobriquet “The Miracle Man”. This road connects people of Manipur to other states such as Assam and Nagaland.

Armstrong was nominated for the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Award in the Public Service Category in 2012. He was also decorated with India’s Most Eminent IAS Officer Award in 2015.

Miracle man new initiative

Miracle man efforts didn’t stop here, but today he is up with another initiative. Now he invites students from class fifth to tenth on dinner each week to give them a glimpse of IAS officer’s life. The students are selected from different schools across the state. He writes a letter to every school for sending over their students. According to the letter the kids will be given the opportunity to explore the functioning of the district. In an interview, Pame said that as a kid he used to walk by the house of District commissioner and always wish to see what’s inside the house, now, when he himself is an officer he wanted to give the chance to the growing children to see inside the life of an IAS officer and share their vision to live their dreams.

The miracle man is a true winner for the country and also for the people he serves.    


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