Ramaa’s Kitchen- a noble cause turn business

Ramaa’s Kitchen

While the pandemic lockdown had increased anxiety and depression among people, creativity and innovations were also ringing silently. Lockdown has given us a chance to do interesting things, think inside, and learn new skills and knowledge to create rather than consume. Many people started their businesses while others tried focusing on their hobbies. So much so that hundreds of local businesses have kicked off since the 2020 lockdown. One such business is Ramaa’s Kitchen, a kind approach to help the Covid-19 patients.

As the lockdown left millions of people unfed, the poor in India too was deprived of food. Videos from all over the world were coming out about the grocery stores around the globe being empty. Amid such tension, a woman in her early 60’s started a kitchen for those who were alone or sick in the lockdown by supplying three meals a day. And astonishingly, her startup has bloomed since then. This is her story.

Rama Parthasarathy serving meals three times a day

Rama Parthasarathy, now 61, based in Chennai found her passion for cooking rather early in life. During her childhood days, she would flock around the kitchen every day and watch her mother cook magic. Witnessing her mother’s delicacies and the way everybody loved her cooking at a very young age, Parthasarathy’s interest in cooking also bloomed. She would often ask her mother to let her help inside the kitchen.

But as life happened, she went on to do other works, became busy with her daily life. But as it is said ‘if you like it, it stays’ and so the love for cooking remained. She got married, had kids, does a job- still in the evening would cook a variety of meals for the whole family. Family and friends, who loved her cooking, would often order their favorite meals from her, though nothing in it was professional.

Ramaa’s Kitchen

With Rama Parthasarathy’s retirement in 2020, she thought of turning towards her passion, however, the journey was interrupted due to nationwide lockdown in the same year. Being stuck in the pandemic meant that she had a lot of time to restructure the plan and simultaneously she diverted her attention to the Covid 19 patients. Rama Parthasarathy with her daughter-in-law started a kitchen named Ramaa’s Kitchens to provide healthy and nutritious food to the Covid-19 patients.

They together cooks three meals a day which includes rasam, sambar, vegetable, and rice, and would deliver it to those in need. On average they would cater 20 lunch orders and 8 dinner orders per day. Every day before starting her day, Parthasarathy seeks blessing from her mother’s portrait in the house to ensure her day goes well.

The breakfast includes idli-chutney, upma, Pongal, and chapatti, and the menu changes every day so that the customers who order daily do not get bored. The meal which is priced at Rs.110 includes a variety of dishes with a moderate spice level that goes well with the instructed diet of the patients. They also deliver to the old people living in the society as well as the bachelors who live away from home. As the food from Ramaa’s Kitchen tastes homely, everyone loves to order from her.

A girl from Rama’s school often comes to help the duo in delivering the meals. “There is a young girl, who is a student at the school my mother-in-law was working at who comes to help in packing the food. Amongst the three of us, we have been managing well so far. We only take on as much as we can handle.” says Rama’s daughter-in-law in an interview with The Better India.

Ramaa’s Kitchen, a humble approach to help needy

Ramaa’s Kitchen

Though Rama Parthasarathy’s mother cooks appalams and vadams to supply it to as far as the U.S., Rama never had time to professionally continue the same business. However, Rama has been making and selling various types of appalam and papadam for many years yet had only labeled a brand last year. The brand name ‘Ramaa’s Kitchen’ came from her son Aravindh. He also helped in marketing the brand through social media platforms and in no time, orders were coming in from around the country. Along with cooked meals, Ramaa’s Kitchen also supplies vadam, ompodi vettal, pappad, and pickles. They also make dry chutney powder.

Ramaa’s Kitchen along with serving fresh meals also serves hope amid the growing tension of coronavirus. Her online business profile helped hundreds of people stuck in hospitals to admire the homely taste. In the times’ people are struggling to manage their livelihoods, Rama Parthasarathy’s is selflessly serving hundreds of people every day.


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