Road Doctor – Gangadhara Tilak Katnam!


Gangadhara Tilak Katnam is a resigned Software architect of the Indian railroads. Hailing from a little town of Godavari area, he drove a run of the mill regular man’s life. Taking decent instruction, dedicating his life to his activity, raise a family, and afterwards resigning calmly. His story would have been the same had he not encountered this essential episode that changed a fantastic course.

He was once driving his vehicle which fell into a pothole and the sloppy water sprinkled on a couple of school-going children strolling close by. He was left embarrassed that being an ordinary citizen, and he was unable to try and approach major high streets.

The episode was instilled in his brain. At the point when he read in papers about lives lost in bicycle mishaps on account of potholes and saw a couple of accidents himself, he naturally engaged the capable government specialists to take suitable measures. As we probably are aware of our Govt, his requests were not reacted to. Most likely, it wasn’t the Election time yet (quip expected).

How about we interruption and think. How frequently have we reviled the potholes in a day? My most final tally was 12 on a rainstorm morning! Without a doubt. I accused the govt, cried on my back karma, felt sorry for individuals who live in ghettos, lastly quieted myself saying “Yeh India hai. Yahan to sadkon se zyada gadde sharpen hey hai. Kya Kar sakte hai stomach muscle!” My life that was disturbed past extent by the burden, as it could have jeopardized my life had returned to typical in no under 5 minutes.

A billion experiences that are concerned every day on the drive given terrible street conditions, inevitably quiet somewhere around saying “Kya Kar sakte hai abdominal muscle!” Let’s quit fooling around individuals. A report says that Potholes in India guarantee a more significant number of lives than fear-based oppressor assaults! We have been losing ten lives every day as a result of potholes. 

In contrast to the majority of us, Gangadhara was not unsettled that his supplications were not heard. Nor did he sit around idly in any habitual pettiness. He decided to be a Doer. Not a Cribber. On an August morning, he set out in his vehicle with a pack of rock and other vital gear and material, to spot and fill potholes of Hyderabad.

He steps by step, getting dependent on this social help. He’d use his office breaks and lunch hours to search for potholes and fix them. Be that as it may, his activity forced time limitations for his crucial. Such was his drive that he took voluntary retirement from his business and chose to be dedicated full-time to nursing the streets. No focuses for speculating, and he is affectionately called as the Road Doctor.

Prior he utilized the dumped rock found on the side of the road. Be that as it may, as he began filling more potholes, he started going through his cash. He utilizes the vast majority of his benefits so Hyderabad can have more secure streets. Since his retirement, consistently, he goes out in his vehicle to spot potholes and top them off. What began with filling that one pothole that sprinkled sloppy water on kids, he has made some fantastic progress with more than 1500 potholes and 15+ channels filled. 

He didn’t get a ton of help at first. That didn’t hinder him by any means. He is a staunch devotee of “Be the change you need to find on the planet”, which additionally, incidentally, is the witticism of his presently settled association “Shramadaan” which implies, the foundation of work. Failing to collect any gift to help his work, he spent his rare benefits.

He needed individuals to come and go along with him by placing their sweat into the administration, not merely cash. You can pass judgment on his straightforwardness and vision in his intrigue to the residents to come and go along with him in his essential work, in any event, for one day in a year. 

Before long, his work began picking up prevalence, and he got a ton of national and worldwide media inclusion. He got an affirmation from none other than Mr Amitabh Bachchan on an unscripted television appear. 

Numerous residents, roused by him, have understood their duty and held hands with Shramadaan. From June 2012, even the GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) began providing BT Mix material to Gangadhara. 

Model instances of good citizenship, for example, this one are no reason for the indefensible carelessness on the Govt and the Municipal organization’s part. In a perfect society, individuals like Mr Gangadhara ought to make the most of his retirement instead of being on an eternity post to fill potholes.

In any case, he is a critical outline of how we should all have our influence in making this general public a superior spot instead of moving the fault on one substance. One need not go as extraordinary as Mr Gangadhara to contribute. Naturally careful pondering our nation and individual compatriots in our day by day activities will do.



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