Probably Paradise

Roxanne Davur’s ‘Probably Paradise’ heaven for rescued animals

While the world flaunts being full of animal lovers, thousands of animals are caged inside zoos and circuses- some as pets rest as toys. Tons of them are subjected to cruelty inside research laboratories and hundreds suffer on the streets. It’s a world where animals are considered as an object. Talking about cruelty towards animals, this just doesn’t indicate the personality flaw in the abuser but also shows a lack of sympathetic empathy.

Rescued almost 82 dogs, 35 cats, 4 ponies, a pig, a horse, and a donkey, this 69-year-old Parsi woman is making an almost paradise for abandoned animals. Named the shelter as ‘Probably Paradise’, Roxanne Davur rescued almost 500 animals to date. This is her story.

Residents of Probably Paradise

Living in Karjat outside Mumbai, Roxanne Davur runs a small animal care shelter named ‘Probably Paradise’ over the area of 1.5 acres. She shelters around 500 animals including dogs, cats, donkeys, ponies, and a horse. Every month, ht job is to rescue abandoned animals in Pune and Mumbai who are left to die on the streets. But her unconditional love for animals originated long before the ‘Probably Paradise.

As a child, she grew up around wild cats. Her father, an animal lover himself would often bring abandoned animals back home. She remembers growing up with around 50 such dogs. The family also rescued Hynes and wild cats. Growing up for Davur meant earning livelihood for the family, but her passion for animals never stopped. This was the reason that despite working in the sales and airline industry she finally gave it all up to open ‘Terra Anima Trust’ in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, in 2000.

Probably Paradise

Terra Anima Trust was a non-profit organization that works for the betterment of homeless animals. She worked there for seven years as an honorary animal welfare inspector for Nilgris, her job was to conduct rescue missions. Though being a government job, Davur, a master trainer in Animal Welfare worked on no salary. However, the organization was later shut due to insufficient funds. After that, she moved back to Mumbai and opened her own animal care shelter on 1.5-acre family land with Probably Paradise.

Embarking on a journey of no profit wasn’t an easy job for Davur. Thus her first step was to establish her legacy by tying knots with high-end organizations. In 2011, soon after the Probably Paradise came into being, Davur joined hands with a Mumbai-based World For All. In the span of just five years, Probably Paradise housed around 100 dogs, less than half the number of cats they house today, a donkey, and five caretakers.

Many of such animals are abandoned, accident victims, abused, and crippled. Davur provides needed treatments and rehabilitation space for homeless animals. Over the year, she had never turned her back on any animal.

Roxanne Davur believes that humans have ripped off animals from their basic animal rights. She considers them as equals and demands equal respect and love. Loving animals isn’t pre-conditioned as humans, in fact, the love is pure, away from conflicts, judgments, or malice, and is generous.

An Almost Heaven with Probably Paradise

“We cook around 100 kg of chicken waste per day, which is cooked every afternoon to be served the next morning. We use about 30 kg of dried food for dogs and cats. I use premix fodder for the donkeys and the cattle. I have a monthly budget of Rs 4 lakh to Rs 6 lakh for running expenses” says Davur in an interview with The Better India.

Probably Paradise

For the same, the shelter today has 14 staff members to perform important tasks such as feeding, rescue operations, and cleaning. They also have an on-call vet and a Veterinarian. As per managing the shelter home, she says that an average budget of 4 lakhs is needed per month to regulate the daily activities and for which she initially used all her savings but now holds fundraisers to raise money, mostly through social media like Facebook. It’s a long process but the shelter needs contributions and donations in order to function smoothly.

The animal housed in Probably Paradise is up for adoption but often the wait is too long as nobody wants to own a pet with problems. The self-proclaimed animal lovers too wants to house animals of good breed and health, whereas the ones at shelter home are often left unnoticed.

To maintain a balanced ecological system, people need to treat animals with equal rights. We need to teach our children from the beginning that it is not okay to harm any living being out there, that they should treat them with equal respect as you demand. We hope, with initiatives like ‘Probably Paradise’ people can start seeing animals as their equals.

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