Saiprasad Proyareka

Saiprasad Proyarekar develops skin spray gun to help acid victims

An acid attack, also known as vitriol attack is a type of assault on women, at least that’s a definition that people find relevant explaining. But in reality, an acid attack is an attempt to ruin women’s life, smash their dignity and destroy their future. About 300 cases are reported each year, but the real figure is probably closer to 1,000. Women are threatened and even tormented by evil predators just to seek an epitome of superiority.

And just like how there are men conspiring cruelty against women, there are also many men trying their bid in helping their companion gender as much as possible. One such hero is Saiprasad Proyarekar, who had developed a type of skin spray gun that can heal burn victims in 1/3rd time.

Saiprasad Proyareka, a student at IIT Bombay had innovated a spray gun to heal open skin wounds in less time than surgery.

In usual cases of open skin wounds, several surgeries are required in order to heal the damaged skin. For this, a process like skin grafting is used which takes a lot of time and multiple surgeries to get it right. Skin grafting is a procedure of replacing the damaged skin of the patient with the healthy skin of the same person. Such skin can be extracted by surgery from one area of the body and transplanted on the other. However, the method is very costly and unavailable at many hospitals.

Thus, when Saiprasad Proyareka was appointed at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay’s (IIT-B) Biomedical Engineering, and Technology Innovation Centre to work as a Project Research Assistant, he decided to work on something to help the burn patients heal their wounds. During his time, he worked on a low-cost solution to simplify the skin grafting procedure and making it available to the poor population. After three years of rigorous research, Proyareka launched a prototype of a skin spray gun, that promises to cover open wounds in 10 minutes, while normal surgery takes up to 60 minutes. And the spray covers the wounds like human grafts and stays permanent.

Saiprasad Proyareka

His research was funded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, and various government organizations such as the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), and Villgro.

Saiprasad Proyareka is currently the founder and CEO of Pacify Medical. His skin spray gun is termed an extraordinary achievement in the field of contemporary medicine. The use of skin spray guns can shorten the doctor’s time, patients bills, and multiple surgeries. His startup was recently granted 9,000 USD under the TIDE 2.0 program of the MeitY Startup Hub. The device went through clinical trials and validation and the results were disclosed post trials. The tests were successful and the device is ready for pilot testing.

How Does The Skin Spray Gun Works?

The gun works with a single click of the owner and covers 600 centimeters of open wounds. It grafts the skin of the stamp area, minces it, and load it into the device. The skin spray gun is then used for the skin grafting procedure. While the current devices provide skin expansion of 1:4-1:6 times, the skin spray gun expands skin more than it. This procedure is extremely helpful in second-degree burns and above.

“The skin spray gun requires a square-shaped patch of healthy skin, up to 5 centimeters, from the patient. This is shredded into smaller bits and mixed along with a special solution developed in-house. Finally, healthcare professionals can use the spray gun to cover 600 centimeters of open wounds on the patient’s body,” says Saiprasad Proyareka in an interview with The Better India.

Saiprasad Proyareka

Within a year, the device was commercialized and three hospitals from Mumbai and Pune already started using the skin spray gun for the patients who needed skin grafting surgeries. The skin spray gun by Saiprasad Proyareka received first place in Abdul Kalam International Innovation Conclave in 2021.

This is a brilliant initiative by Proyareka and a milestone in helping especially the acid attack victims. These victims go through multiple surgeries, months of hospitalization, and lifelong treatment to go back a bit closer to how they used to look. With the help of this device, these victims can heal much faster and do not have to spend a fortune on treatment. The team of The Indianness congratulates Proyareka for his tremendous contribution to the cause.

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