Sangeeta Gharu,indianness

Sangeeta Gharu- Dark and Deadly

Have you ever have been criticized over your looks, skin colour, height or weight? Probably yes! It is an entrenched part of human experience. We often hear people making fun of our skin tones and body shapes, which has certainly created a psychological barrier separating people in different groups. But Sangeeta Gharu seems to have broken all these stereotypes. Being dark skinned, she is a successful Indian model.

Sangeeta, 23 belongs to a Marwari family, Rajasthan. Her father is an army person, thus wants his daughter too- to become an army women. But Sangeeta had different plans. When she was in eighth standard- she decided on to become a model. To be trained professionally she shifted to Jaipur against her family wishes. In her initial days she faced a lot of trouble.

Sangeeta Gharu,indianness

“My parents didn’t talked with me for months, but my sister used to send me money when I needed it. They used to hear people tantrums mocking me-their daughter on her dressings and profession. So initially there were some problems but now my parents are happy.”

Said Sangeeta

She says that all these experiences has made her more bold and confident.

She said that many a times she was judged not on her performance but on her skin tone. As she was dark skinned people used to call her “kaali”, she was get downed by many fashion shows. Once a stylist dropped a dress to not let her walk on the stage.

“At the Lakme Fashion Week, a stylist dropped the dress and did not let me walk the ramp. He did the same in another show. Clearly, there was a pattern where I was being denied to walk the ramp because I was dark skinned,”

Sangeeta shared her experience.

Sangeeta is passionate for fashion. She has a great dressing sense and can flaunt any look with grace and ease. She loves to do make-up but is strictly against skin lightening creams. She says that all these commercials are giving the push to the white black stereotype in India and all those people promoting such products should be ashamed of themselves. Sangeeta also addresses to the Indian education system where children are taught only bookish knowledge anything apart from it anything else is not welcomed.

“I want improvement in the education system. Our schools should teach students to think logically rather than bookish knowledge. Moral science should be beyond kindness and cleanliness. Children should be taught not to judge their fellow beings on their colour and looks, and accept diversity. It’s at this age that their minds are groomed into becoming a good human being.” 

she added.

Today Sangeeta is a successful model and is doing great in her field. Sangeeta has walked for over 30 labels at the India Couture Week, Lakme Fashion Week, India Beach Fashion Week, Rajasthan Heritage Week, Pune Fashion Week and also made it to the finals of Glam Icon.    

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