Scrumptious Nawabi flavors of Raheem ke Kulche

Nahari Kulche

Lucknow is not just a city to explore Nawab gharane but also it holds rich history of Mughal cuisine, and the spices used to prepare the dish made it popular all over the world, as it gives your taste buds the unique taste and luscious delicacy. The royal delights of Lucknow will amaze your heart and buds as the city has garnered attention of visitors repeatedly since the times of the Nawabs with the scrumptious dishes.

The cuisine has been winning the heart of not just the Lucknowites but the millions food buffs across the globe. You visited Lucknow and yet not tasted the heavenly food then you must try it. Every delight will leave you mesmerized with the scrumptious taste and lusciousness of core spices.

From monument to cuisine Lucknow has been carrying its legacy perfectly and had been serving authentic flavors with the touch of royal relishes and many delightful delicacies that are still being served with the same flavor by some very old eateries in old Lucknow and when talking about royal food joints, one can never miss out the special joint heart of Lucknow, who has made its unique identity in the history of royal cuisine with its Kulcha specialty, one core corner is known as Rahim ke Nahari Kulche the gourmet’s paradise for the connoisseur.

Raheem is one of the famous point for the Lucknowites since the time it came into being, including visitors to please their hunger without compromising without taste.

The Nahari Kulche at the Raheem’s is one of the mouthwatering delight, to believe it you must taste it. Raheem’s is one of the top renowned delight and serves authentic non-veg delicacies of Lucknow at the pocket friendly price. Raheem’s brings out the authentic flavors of chicken and mutton with delicate touch of flavoury spices.

The Nahari combination brings divine taste and has been always stood on top in alluring diners from all the corners of Lucknow to one joint time and again, and keeps adding a long list of its patrons. For the closer look of royal essence read more about the authenticity of the quality luscious platters served by Raheem’s. Feel every foodstuff bite and fall in the depth of core spices they use to prepare the delicacy.

Elite Combo – Raheem ke Nahari Kulche:

Any Kulcha, Sheermaal or Roomali Roti tastes delightful with the distinct gravy of Nahari (made of mutton or chicken), but the combination of Nahari and Kulche served at the Raheem’s is one best thing you will ever taste.

Backthen Raheem was opened in 1890 by Haji Abdur Raheem Sahab, and since then Raheem ke Nahari Kulche continues to serve the flavorsome combo with the same authentic flavor till date. Raheem’s has seen five generations of both the owners as well as the chefs, who claims to be serving at Raheem’s since generations. Today, this delicious corner is owned by Manzoor Ahmed and Mohammed Osama.

In the mid eras Kulcha Nahari was served for just an Anna (1/16th part of a rupee) and since then price has continued to be pocket friendly instead getting inexpensive for the taste and delight offered at Raheem’s. Nahari is prepared with special condiments and spices that is been running in their family only since the inception, which has made Nahari Kulche delicious and scrumptious.

This very renowned heart point of Lucknow is located near Akbari gate in Nakhas, which is generally seen awake till mid night, with people visiting from different corners of the city to delight their hunger. “Raheem ke Nahari Kulche” has established is own unique brand with its hidden Nahari receipe and promises to deliver great value of taste world-wide.

Raheem’s Nahari Kulche is a genuine success with the Rozedaars during the long stretch of Ramzaan as the spot spouts with enthusiasm and action, serving the blistering combo for iftar and supper that proceeds till the extremely early times of morning for Sehri too!

Take Away:

The city of Nawabs has earned such a large amount of consideration and approval for its culinary range that the Awadhi appeal has now turned out to be synonymous with heavenly food. The Raheem’s Nahari Kulche is one such conventional element of the Awadhi platters that keeps on taking forward the rich heritage of the Lucknawi nourishment. Truth be told, in this season of McD’s and KFC’s, restaurants like the Raheem’s are attempting to spare the rich culture of the Awadhi cooking in a major manner.


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