Second Nature – Changing The Way Indian Drinks

second nature

“Fruits are best had when they are ripe for the picking as nature intended it to be, right from the tree – at their nutritious and tasteful best”, says Second Nature, whose solo aim is to provide best and healthy juice to the Indians. Due to our extremely busy schedule we all are guilty for choosing easy way and thus forcing our health to take a back shift. The consumption of fresh juice is a forgotten deal for the Indians as day by day foreign and synthetic products have started rising in the market. Dipti Motiani was working with her father a couple of years ago to build Freshtrop, a Rs.200 crore food processing company that focused on exports. When Dipti first thought of the idea of introducing fresh juices into the Indian markets, this thought later resulted into the launch of Nashik-based Second Nature, a range of cold-extracted fruit juices, fruit and vegetable blends, fruit nectars, and dairy-free nut milks, in 2018.

What is Second Nature all about?

“Second Nature was created in 2018 by the experienced management at Freshtrop, who wanted to create a product that was pure and nutritious enough for their own children to consume.” Says the company’s founder Dipti Motiani.

She always focused in her thought of fresh juice market in India and worked for 2 years with different experts and meeting local farmers. This focused motivation leads her to convince her father. Ashok Motiani, in 2016 for the launch of Second Nature.

Processing of the products:

HPP is a processing step that extends shelf life and kills at least 99.999% of the microorganisms in juice. This is process is referred to as a “5 log reduction”. This is a very keen process in developing hygienic juices.

“Second Nature is a product of over 20 years of experience in sourcing the freshest produce directly from farmers. We have seen the quality that fresh produce can have when managed properly and with the correct care. Regrettably, India, despite of being one of leading exporters of these fruits and vegetables to other countries, rarely sees these high-quality products in its own markets. We want to serve this very quality and taste to the Indian market, as cold extracted HPP juices.” Says, Dipti Motiani

Post-harvest management:

Post-harvest management is a process when fruits are harvested and are ready to be used. The management is what actually decided how much nutritious and healthy the fruit will be by the time it reaches your home. Fruits and vegetables are best when harvested at their peak maturity but it also reduces the healthy limit of time for consumption. Thus, having an excellent post-harvest system is what Second Nature is most devoted to.

USP for Second Nature:

The company believes in the freshness and quality of its product. Their belief is to reap the maximum health benefits from the input. Therefore the USP for it is- Second To Tree: These three words well summarizes who they are and what they are all about.

Products it offers:

“We have four major product categories: cold extracted fruit juices – which have straight juices, such as pomegranate and watermelon, and blends like pineapple-mint, apple-amla, black grape-pomegranate-orange, etc., cold extracted fruit and vegetable juices – spinach-celery-ginger-orange and apple-beetroot-pomegranate, cold extracted fruit nectars, such as our guava-agave-chilli blend, and dairy free nut-milks, such as almond-water, almond-cocoa-dates, mango-almond, strawberry-banana-almond-grapes.” Says Dipti Motiani.

India’s juice market is estimated to be $200 million in size, according to TechnoPak. So this vast market offers wide range of new opportunities and this new start-up is definitely ready to gain maximum profit out of it.


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