Shaktimaan returns to mainstream India- are you excited?

What if you were asked about the first superhero you were introduced to? Who would you answer? For us and millions of others- It’s Shaktimaan! The iconic Indian superhero, perhaps the first Desi superhero we all had is Khanna’s Shaktimaan. The TV show which ran on DD National from 1997 till the mid-2000s featuring Mukesh Khanna as fans favorite Shaktimaan was the biggest hit of the 90s.

Sony is now all set to take us back to the nostalgia of 90s with the remake of cult classic Shaktimaan. Yes! You heard that right. Sony Pictures India on Thursday announced that it has signed a contract with Brewing Thoughts Private Limited and Bheeshm International to bring back India’s very first desi superhero onto the big screen.

“After the super success of our many superhero films in India and all over the globe, it’s time for our desi Superhero!” Sony Pictures took to Twitter sharing a teaser of the movie.

The movie will be a trilogy that will appear in three parts, however, details about the director and cast are kept under wraps as of now.

Shaktimaan Franchise

The memories of our growing childhood remain incomplete without the mention of the first Indian Superhero. In a world void of YouTube, mobile phones, and home theatres, the only respite of entertainment was the legendary fictional hero involved with the nostalgia of our Indian childhood- Shaktimaan. A series of comic books appeared featuring Shaktimaan and published in many Indian languages as well as English in association with Diamond Comics and Raj Comics.

Mukesh Khanna portrayed the iconic titular role of Shaktimaan in the series.  The show started with a few yogis crossing through the Himalayas and finding a home to universal energy. They did this by passing this energy from one yogi to another until they created the pious superhero avatar called Shatimaan. According to Sanskrit, the word ‘Shakti’ means power whereas the word ‘Maan’ means possession, so together it makes the possessor of power.

Shaktimaan arrives on Earth wearing a flashy tight maroon suit with a golden Chakra on the chest. His suit also included knee-high boots, anklets, and a golden belt. He possessed many powers like super strength, flight, blowing air, resistance to fire, laser shooting from the eyes, spinning himself, and many more. His sole motive was to protect the earth from a dark lord called Tamraj Kilvish who wants to spread darkness on earth.


But just like any typical superhero of the 90s, Shaktimaan too needed a disguise to continue living in hiding. And that’s when we got introduced to his second avatar Gangadhar referred to as Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Sashtri. He joins a local newspaper office as a photographer, all the while protecting the earth being Shaktimaan. Gangadhar has his own charm, to disguise himself completely, he used to wear a grey coat, a pair of glasses, and all the hair combed in such a way that it fell on the forehead covering the top rim of his eyeglasses.

The most important part of the show was “Chhoti chhoti magar moti baatein”. In this segment, Shaktimaan gave important life lessons to the kids in order to become a better version of themselves. At the last of every episode, he used to educate children about the importance of family, loyalty, humility, education, and respect.

Shaktimaan was first aired on DD National Channel on Saturday, September 13, 1997, from 12:30 to 1:30 pm every week! There was also a repeat telecast of the same episodes every Thursday night. This became the most successful 90s show of India with 100% popularity among kids.

With Sony’s take of the Shaktimaan trilogy, it definitely bought back the cherished memories of the 90s- the memories of Shaktimaan!

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