Shreya Lenka

Shreya Lenka is just one battle away from becoming a member of Blackswan!

Shreya Lenka, a 19-year-old from Odisha is just one step from becoming the first-ever K-pop artist from India. She is one of the two finalists who made it to the vacant position of popular K-pop band Blackswan. Shreya along with Gabriela Dalcin of Brazil was selected from global auditions that were held to fill the spot. If she defeats Gabriela will definitely mark history!

According to a report, Shreya is a trained dancer, singer, and yoga practitioner who is now being trained by the Korean Music label DR Music Entertainment in South Korea along with Gabriela. With her incredible singing and dancing skills, Shreya is a K-pop enthusiast who often creates dance covers videos.

Shreya reportedly came across the opportunity while surfing the internet. She immediately applied and competed to become the finalist in the audition. To secure her position in the group, apart from honing her dancing and singing skills, Shreya will also have to work on learning the land’s dialect. Both of the Finalists will be evaluated on their skills, personality, and qualities to become part of the group.

Shreya Lenka

Blackswan is a K-pop band made in 2020 formed by DR Music formerly known as Rania. The girl group consists of band members including Youngheun, Fatou, Judy, and Leia. The fifth member Hyeme left the group soon after as her contract expired. The auditions were held to fill her vacant position.

Additionally, reports confirm that Shreya Lenka has been trained under  ‘Boogie Woogie HipHop’ 2009 winner Madan Mohan Purty. She later trained under Mendo Barla. She had a deep voice and therefore has been trained in Hindustani classical music as per western music, Shreya mostly learned it on her own.

The growing popularity of the K-pop world

If we go by the locals, they call it Hallyu, which is the Korean wave. The Korean wave is the idea that South Korean pop culture is not taking over the world by every means- be it Korean dramas, Korean skincare to Korean cuisine. But under the shining K-pop industry is its addictive melodies, slick choreography, and production values followed none other than the popular K-pop artists who gruel themselves singing and dancing to perfection.

Shreya Lenka

The South Korean wave has been in the building for the last two decades but has only come to light past five to 10 years. The global attention came when China ban K-pop artists and their content in the country following tension between China and Korea. The Korean managers then decided to send their artists to the US to promote the music. As a result, according to Billboard, K-pop began to be recognized in the US in 2016 and since then there is no stopping.

Through this, the ambassadors not only just promoted the artists but also helped raise awareness and popularity of South Korean culture, traditions, and of course their ‘oh so yummy’ cuisine! K-pop artists are trained for years before they debut in front of the world. They go through an intense routine of dancing, singing, and even how to present themselves in front of the public. This is the reason, why they are admired by so many people around the world.

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