Sruthy Sithara, the first Indian to win Miss Trans Global 2021

Sruthy Sithara

When we talk about LGBTQ people, most of us stereotype it or prefer to stay silent. They are criminalized for the acts they never committed. They are seen in the shadows of unacceptability, shame, and repugnance. It feels disgusting to realize that human being has this unknown self-esteem that forces them to become superior among their own.

Kerala-born Sruthy Sithara has just become the first Indian to ever bag the global title of Miss Trans Global 2021. She had been competing for the pageant for six last six months. The titles were conferred in an online event as the physical event, which was to be held in London, was canceled this year due to the pandemic. Sithara made India proud by her tremendous victory at the pageant. But her story is much more.

“We want the world to know we are normal and are an equal part of society”, says Sruthy Sithara, the first Indian to win the Miss Trans Global Universe 2021 title.

“For all those who are oppressed & marginalized.” – Sruthy Sithara.

Hailing from Kottayam, she works as a project assistant at the Kerala government’s Transgender cell. Sruthy is one of the four transgender persons to have been given a government job. But her journey hasn’t been the same.

Sruthy Sithara

Born as a boy named Praveen, she faced constant bullying in school. Her peers would make fun of her for her feminine approach. But her family has been the backbone for Sithara, yet the constant bullying led to her gender identity crises. She always found herself odd and different from everyone until she met with the trans community in her college years. Interacting with the people, she realized that she is completely normal and that she needs to embrace who she is. And that’s when she decided to take a new name of Sruthy Sithara.

Sruthy recalls that her few friends from the college helped her convince her father of her gender identity. Her father Pavithran has been the wind beneath Sruthy’s wings. “He has never let me down; he has always accepted me the way I am. He was such a welcoming parent. I wish other parents could be like him.”

In 2018, Sruthy was crowned Queen of Dhwayah. And she used this success to help other trans people going through the same plight. She along with her college friends created a Project called ‘Kaleidoscope’. It’s a social media awareness campaign to aware people of trans rights and normalizes queer relationships.

Sruthy Sithara was introduced to the Global Miss trans pageant by her friend and celebrity makeup artist Renju Renjimar and model-actress Namitha. It was an online event with a duration of seven months. In her audition tape for Miss Trans Global 2021, she said this title “will help me in leading and inspiring life with self-esteem, pride, and dignity, not just for me, but for a crowd of people who hide their faces under the shades of the rainbow. I want to show the world that we are capable of doing everything that a human does.”

Sruthy Sithara

Sithara dedicated her win to her late mother and her late friend Anannyah Kumari Alex, the first transgender RJ in Kerala who recently committed suicide. She shares that self-love is very important and prioritizing others over our own dreams is toxic and dangerous that leads people to suicide.

Miss Trans Global is an international online pageant for trans and gender-nonconforming people from all backgrounds. The pageant was first started to raise awareness on transgender and LGB issues around the world. It is the biggest international digital competition for transgender women.


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