Youngest Indian school girl but brave enough to tackle the world’s most famous mountains of Tibet.

You must have heard many names who climbed Mt. Everest several times, and it is not a task one can efficiently perform, it takes courage, strength. Majorly no youngsters perform such stunts, especially for the age group wherein everyone thinks about toys and making friends, finishing homework or standing on the top of the roof seemed the most dangerous task and then bragging about that stunt in front of the school friends at the age of 13, this girl steps ahead to begin her journey to create a history.

When a person desires to do something he/she definitely can do, she proved it by climbing MT. Everest. Malavath Poorna is a 13-year-old Indian girl who is a daughter of a farmworker and was raised in poverty. She successfully became the youngest person all over the world to reach Mount Everest summit and set the record of youngest Mt. Everest climber.

Though Malavath belongs to a tribal village and did not have many facilities, she learned climbing techniques at her school,

She completed her journey of dangerous Himalayan mountaineering on May 25 at the of 13 years and 11 months, though before her, an American boy who climbed mount in 2010 is just 11 months elder than her and this helped Malavath in being the youngest mount climber (According to BBC reports). The shocking thing to notice was that she climbed the mountain just after a month when 16 Sherpa guides died in the deadliest avalanche of famed peaks. This courageous girl did not stop even after hearing this heartbreaking news.

While an interview, she expressed her emotions what she felt after reaching the highest peak of the world – “When I reached the top, I felt too many emotions and too much joy” and the same thing she told people via phone after reaching the peak.

She said she was not able to overcome with awe after scaling the height of the mountain, which was 29,029 feet above from the sea level, and she could feel the mesmerizing beauty- mountains, clouds, and the sunshine. “I could feel god there and be too happy and grateful,” she described her feeling.

Poorna Malavath said in an interview – “To achieve success, you must believe that you are not inferior to anyone.”


One must indeed believe in their imagination if they want to achieve something their life.

While climbing mountains, nothing can be a significant issue but consuming food, and she faced the same primary challenge that they had to consume packaged food only which they were carrying, not the cold was a challenge for her.

She stated to the reporters in a press conference that most terrifying things happened when she saw almost six dead bodies, which shocked her badly. What did not stop her was her parents’ faith in her. Her friend and co-climber S. Anand Kumar, who is a member of India’s lowest Dalit caste, which was previously also known as “untouchables,” said this journey was never possible if Poorna wasn’t there. And the best thing about Poorna has she never had this thought of racism in her mind.

While climbing, there were lot more problems faced by her, but the moment she thought about her family and all beloved people, Poorna said this thought always help her in encouraging her regarding her decision to climb Mt. Everest.

She is a good inspiration for those who are planning to climb Everest and also to them who think not everything is possible. If this 13-year-old can reach the highest peak, why can’t you? Thank you for reading this article. Comment or post your views below.


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