Syed Mohammed Saaduddin: Iron Man of India

Syed Mohammed Saaduddin

Syed Mohammed Saaduddin is the Iron Man of India in the most literal sense. As he creates masterpieces out of nothing but just scraped, discarded and rusty metals. Just like the Iron man of world famous Avengers, Saaduddin has made many wonders out of scrap, if not Arc reactor than definitely more! Recycling however has taken a unique spin with this man as he had been taming masterpieces since past 6 years. Recently, he made a peacock out of steel which was exhibited as part of Maker Faire Hyderabad. What’s his story and how his love affair dwelled with the discarded metals? Let’s check that out!  

The story of Syed Mohammed Saaduddin

“I am self-taught. I realized that if I sat and practiced welding every day, I would get bored. So I used to take up small projects to get a tangible product at the end of it. I also started blacksmithing and forging a couple of years back,” says Syed Mohammed Saaduddin.

Syed Mohammed Saaduddin journey started after he completed his master degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas. When he searched for a job, unemployment screwed the youngster but unlike others Saaduddin didn’t let his guards down. Instead he started working on his own making whatever he feels like out of scrap metals. He created some of the finest masterpieces from just his hobby. Today, he works in a well reputed company for the defense department. The young, energetic metal enthusiast is a metal artist whose art has never failed to amaze the viewers.

“As my father was a vintage car restorer, I could see that the welding machine is the most important instrument in creating a new figure. I started to try my hand at this by collecting the scrap which was lying around,” says Saaduddin.

Syed Mohammed Saaduddin

The metal freak calls his little workspace as “Ironic” where he creates his arts and preserve them. Though he started very late and has quite a number of failures in his pocket, Saaduddin says that he is content with what he is doing. Initially when he started with this hobby, he worked with simple things like chairs and lamps, but later turned towards more concentrating and challenging designs. He says that when he understood about the intricacies of the metal art, he was even more satisfied to do so. He says that he see’s the art in 2 different ways, first is the puzzle approach where he focus on collecting the raw material prior making and the second is where he builds a concept in his mind to create something specific and work till he gets the desired results. To collect discarded metals, he frequently visit the junk yards on weekends to get what he wants. 

Struggling between work and hobby he doesn’t get much time to focus on his creativity but still somehow manages to take out two hours every day practicing in his ironic workspace to make sure he does something. “On average, it takes around two to three hours to create something simple, but if it’s a complicated structure, it might take a week or more, as I work on it in my free time,” said the young man. Syed Mohammed Saaduddin is a self-taught blacksmith who is making wonders out of scrap. Syed believes that his art should be recognized more and for that he had been invited to showcase his work in Bangalore where only 10 artworks were displayed from India. Saad along with his brother had also made few bikes as well and wish to take them to Goa bike week.

“Most of my artwork is liked by youngsters and students who can’t afford to buy this kind of stuff; as of now, I am not looking at the business aspect of it, but it’s the passion that is driving me to create new things,” Says Saaduddin who believes that he know well to differentiate his passion from work.   

Syed Mohammed Saaduddin is a true creative master of India who knows how to turn the waste into something much useful and needed. Running his workshop from home, he learned about how life happens between work and passion. At an age where people doesn’t hesitate complaining about the hectic schedule, this young man is handling both like a pro! The team of The Indianness wish Saaduddin good luck for future and hopes that he keep amazing us further in the future.


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