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Tata steels asked LGBTQ+ employees to finally open up!

Big news comes from one of the leading company of India, Tata Steels. The company had allowed its LGBTQ+ employees to declare their partners openly and have access to all the policies under Human resources. When on one hand India still doesn’t recognize the third gender, the initiative of Tata Steel is indeed a golden step towards equality. But what’s inside the newly amended policy? Let’s take a look.

Big news from Tata steels: LGBTQ+ employees finally recognized!

The company’s vision is to provide equal opportunities for all the employees irrespective of their gender. The endeavour of Tata Steels is to create a workforce for all the genders respecting their differences and embracing the similarities.  

“Partners mean people of same-sex living like a married couple,” the company said.

Under this diversity and inclusion (D&I) policy, the employees of Tata Steels irrespective of their gender will avail all the couple benefits that includes health checkup, medical facilities, adoption leave, new born parent and child care leave. And also the inclusion in employee assistance programme. Under this policy the LGBTQ+ employees will enjoy the financial assistance for their gender reassignment surgery and will be granted with 30 days special leave after the surgery, not only this they will likely to get Tata Executive Holiday Plan (TEHP), honeymoon packages and domestic travel coverage for all the new employees.

The idea behind bringing up the policy is to create a top environment in terms of opportunity employer, enabling work force, respecting and embracing the differences, inclusion of all the diverse group and hearing out all the voices. Besides, according to a report by The Hindu, the policy makes LGBTQ+ employees equally eligible for becoming a part of any event that includes an official gatherings or an offshore corporate event. Because the gatherings before only included partners with opposite genders, cheers, that’s not the case anymore!  

tata steels

But this LGBTQ+ liberty is not limited to Tata steels only as since the Supreme Court had put down section 377 that criminalized homosexuality many groups have come forward to celebrate the newly allocated freedom. Before Tata Steels, Citigroup’s India has also extended medical insurance and relocation to all the LGBTQ+ employee. The Star India too had given the same benefices to all the domestic partners of same sex. The companies also provide maternity and paternity leaves, in- vitro fertilization, surrogacy and adoption support. The recognition of third gender that is LGBTQ+ community is a great deal in India as people here sill discriminate each other especially on the basis of caste and genders. Despite being having some tough laws this community experience higher level of hate crimes against them. They fell more prey to mob lynching and are mostly subjected to day to day humiliation. This is concerning as they are not objecting any question on our gender, as a male or female- then us objecting their existence shows the insecurity we have in ourselves. So if you really brag yourself as liberal and modern, then not accepting or even appreciating their existence makes we question your words. So amidst this chaos initiative like the one from Tata Steels and the rest is a great step towards change. Finally getting the right attention we can hope that this community can soon be recognized as well as respected by everyone around the nation. Three cheers to Tata Group!

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