The poor man’s doctor – Shyama Prasad Mukherjee!

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee

It is accepted that the incomparable Hippocrates of Kos, frequently alluded as “The Father of Western Medicine”, composed a fundamental report called as Hippocratic Oath which however not utilized in its unique structure today; despite everything fills in as an establishment for other, comparative vows and laws that characterize great restorative practice and ethics.

One such set of principles from the pledge says, “Into at all houses I enter, I will enter to support the debilitated, and I will keep away from all deliberate wrong-doing and mischief.” Such subordinates are routinely taken today by medicinal alumni going to enter therapeutic practice. One such restorative alumni were Shyama Prasad Mukherjee who gone from Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) in 1957. From that point forward he is fervently following the Hippocratic Oath by charging simply Rs. 5 for treating his patient, even in 2019.

Lalpur Clinic of Ranchi which despite everything has a scent of old centres rather than sufficiently bright cooled multi celebrated medical clinic, has a little room joined to the counselling room with wooden seats for patients sitting tight for their turn. In the counselling room, you will locate a clean-shaven, wheat hued, an octogenarian general doctor wearing, for the most part, a jacket and a red, white and dark striped sweater named Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee who treats his patients in a divine resembling quiet way.

Presently 85 years of age, Dr. Mukherjee is treating his patients since 62 years with an unimportant expense of Rs. 5 and in some cases, in any event, doing it for nothing for the ones who are extremely penniless. The leading body of his facility has additionally blurred at this point entire Ranchi knows the address of Dr. Saab who through his magnanimous work has been respected with a Padma Shri.

Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee the previous head of pathology office at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS), Ranchi, at that point known as Rajendra Medical College and Hospital (RMCH), who feels serene by treating patients underneath destitution line says he is troubled when specialists, a large number of whom are his understudies, charge strong wholes to treat patients.

His proverb is straightforward, “I have discovered that one needs to draw a line and skill much enough is. That is the point that one should search for on the grounds that I was a specialist ought to have a thoughtful frame of mind to my patients. Everything can’t be business. In the event that I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to turn into a very rich person or mogul, I ought to have taken up some other calling.”

Mukherjee goes through 2 hours at his Lalpur Pathology Lab in the first part of the day and afterwards from 12 pm to 9 pm at his centre. Whatever he gains in the pathology lab encourages him to give free prescriptions to patients and treat them for just Rs 5 – an unimportant sum in the present time. Despite the fact that he wishes to resign early, the shortcut of patients sitting tight for him doesn’t give him much rest.

He says scores of patients come to him with high fever since they couldn’t bear to pay for the battery of tests that are recommended in different spots. At the point when he treats them and they are restored, it gives him extraordinary bliss. Never has Dr Mukherjee wanted after cash or acknowledgement and likes to do his work quietly.

His anxiety for the poor stretches out past therapeutic treatment and he directs them on issues, for example, cleanliness, solid nourishment, and great child-rearing. His Rs. 5 expense doesn’t imply that he can’t give legitimate finding or is only furnishing it with modest strategies. Dr Mukherjee has mended patients with long time sickness with his splendid demonstrative sense.

A motivating figure whose life was appeared in a brief short narrative on Sony in Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 8 says that he has been not able to move his understudies who despite everything charge from around Rs. 100 to 500 for treating their patients. Dr Mukherjee really accepts that “Desh ke sare specialist har roz ek persistent ko muft ilaaj karein (Every specialist in the nation should treat one patient for nothing consistently)” an explanation which even Mr Bachchan respected.

In a meeting with a media channel, when approached about his motivation for his magnanimous help, Dr Mukherjee stated, “When you face the truth, an idea enters your brain, which guides you to accomplish something. For such deeds, you needn’t bother with any motivation.

Reality itself is motivation. The truth of a poor man’s need and the manner in which specialists treat him around the globe hit me to such an extent that a thought came to me to serve poor by restoring them with Rs. 5 and that thought is my motivation. He further includes that, “It’s anything but a unique thing which I am doing, I am simply doing what I love, and I am simply doing what gives me bliss.”

Pushpa Varma, who remains in a similar area of Dr. Mukherjee, says that “There are a large number of a specialist around yet Dr. Saab is our saviour.” When you hear him talk about his work, you will detect that through his work, Dr Mukherjee has left all the requirement for realism and is in one manner illuminated by his administration.

What a world it would be in the event that we have a lot more specialists like Dr Mukherjee who despite everything follow helping the penniless by just surrendering the idea of procuring a lot from a calling which is viewed as generally hallowed by mankind.

It is as yet a begging to be proven wrong subject that whether “Hippocrates of Kos” really composed Hippocratic Oath or was it composed after his demises by another person.

As a child, I had heard that specialists are by divine beings, an explanation which even Swami Vivekananda discredited. Yet, in the event that he had met Dr Mukherjee and had been changed is thought. On the off chance that God has a structure where he helps poor’s by treating them for a fiver sum, HE without a doubt has the type of Dr Mukherjee. Also, this is anything but an easy to refute the point.


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