The story of Sub Inspector Annie Siva

Annie Siva

The stories about women suppressing the odds and rising from the ashes are not unknown to the people and so are the stories of people who have abandoned their loved ones just to get a better life for themselves. Betrayal in love is a common phenomenon of the 21st century yet the courage we saw in this story differs from a usual narrative. This is the story of Annie Siva, who once loved deeply but was broken and even though her outsights got better, her insights struggled. This is the story of love, betrayal, rejection, and motherhood.

The journey of Annie Siva is filled with roadblocks each of which she had managed to outsmart bravely. Today she works as a sub-inspector at Varkala police station but the story of her life is rather more exciting.

Struggle and Strength- Annie Siva

Her journey started when she was just 18 years old and fell madly in love with a boy. At such a tender age she decided to move in with her boyfriend and married him despite the objections of the families. She was a first-year sociology student at KNM Government College in Kanjiramkulam, Kerala.

Life was going great for Annie Siva until two years later when her son was born, her husband left her unannounced. She was left on street to fend for herself and her six-month-old baby. She desperately cried for help and asked her parents to take her in but she was rejected.

Finally, she found shelter when her grandmother decided to take her in. She was still a third-year student and had to manage between completing her studies and earning money to meet the end needs. In the beginning, she would sell curry powder door to door along with other household products. Within few months, Annie was able to find a rental space and immediately moved in with her son. From there, her journey kicked off. From being a door-to-door salesperson or selling lemonade on the streets or even being an insurance agent, she did everything she could. There were days when even having a single meal in a day was a luxury for her and her son would often sleep hungry and empty stomach.

“Some days, even getting a single meal a day seemed like a luxury. I’ve helplessly watched my son cry out of hunger and go to sleep,” she says in an interview with The Better India.

Annie Siva

But as a single mother there were other challenges as well that awaits her. She had to deal with the sick mentality of society who assumes single women ‘easy’. She was often felt humiliated when her colleagues try to take advantage of her but despite all this Annie Siva never gave up.

After donning a blunt bob haircut, Annie moved to Varkala with her son in hope of better job opportunities. She started earning by selling ice creams and juices but soon applied for the examination of constable and sub-inspector. She immediately started preparing for the examination and would study for 20 hours a day. Finally in 2014 she gave two exams. Her struggle came to a halt when she received a call for the position of Constable at Varkala police station. Annie was overjoyed as it was her father’s dream to see her as an IPS officer and being a constable was yet another step closer to that dream.

Annie was appointed as a constable in 2016 and she continued working at the position for the next three years until an opportunity came knocking on her door. It was a vacancy for the position of sub-inspector and Annie eagerly prepared for the test. As fate finds a way, Annie was selected and posted as a sub-inspector in the Varkala police station on June 25, 2021. 

Annie Siva, an Inspiration

Her journey from a street vendor to a sub-inspector is nothing less than inspiring. Annie Siva is an inspiration for all the women who were abandoned at some point in their lives. Annie’s story is of fight and resurrection. She is a living example of resilience and how a person can overcome any challenge in their lives if they are eager to fight the odds. Narrating her story on her Facebook, Annie recalls,

“Every time life tried to pull me down, I worked 10 times harder to come out strong and tall. This was my small win but in a world crowded with negatives, I’m glad that it could be a source of strength and inspiration for so many people.”

The team of The Indianness salutes the courage of this brave lady and hopes she achieves much more in life.


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