These incredible ladies are breaking all the stereotypes!


Women are the beautiful creation of God. They are the ones evolving the society and making it move forward. But today this beautiful creation of god is facing problems regarding humanity. How do we perceive women? What is the thing which defines a woman? Women empowerment has become the buzzword today with women working alongside men in all spheres. Celebrating Women is a way of feeling gratitude to each and every woman in one’s life, be it in the professional or personal life. A general myth that exists in society is that issues related to women’s empowerment can only be addressed at an infinitesimally slower pace. And most of us think that the reason behind this are men. The truth is, men are not the problem but the society is- which makes men programmed in a way to think like what they do. They have been taught since childhood that they are stronger than women and have the power to control them. So today, if we are blaming them for the condition of women, we should first blame ourselves because this is where they actually learned it. So, this women’s day let’s meet a few incredible ladies from Delhi who are challenging stereotypes like a boss!

Women empowering women!


Dr. Pragati Singh, Gender Activist:

Dr. Pragati Singh is the founder of Indian Aces, a medical doctor by the qualification that has worked in several fields of maternal, child, and reproductive health. Dr. Pragati Singh founded Indian Aces in 2014. Indian Aces is India’s first asexual gender-neutral campaign where Singh is the woman who is responsible for putting Indian asexuals on the map. She recognizes herself as hetero-demisexual, organizes health checkups for all the individuals that fall between the age group of 15 to senior citizens. She is also working on a website dedicated to matchmaking for the asexual group to find their perfect mate. 

Shilpi Singh, Entrepreneur:

Shilpi Singh is providing women employment and working on more experimental travel options. It all started as a homestay today grew into a life venture by the 40 years old Shilp Singh. This idea of homestay got popular in no time among the travelers and Singh today has opened another homestay in Varanasi where her mother lives. Her initiative also keeps in mind the eco-tourism and involve people from remote areas of the come and earn money. 

Bhavna Palival, Detective:

Being a woman detective seems like a k-drama, where Suzy is kicking out the buzzword! But, Bhavna Palival from south Delhi is breaking all the stereotypes by following her dreams and ambitions. This detective cracked her very first case as soon as in 2000! Bhavna did her journalism and now runs her own firm known as Tejas Detective Firm and always recognized Kiren Bedi as her idol. Her firm works on finding missing people, theft, fraud and other specific cases. 

Richa Prashant, Social Worker:

Winters in Delhi are harsh with the temperature going low and low by each night. The people living on the streets are at the epicenter as they battle the cold and struggle to live. While many of us choose to unsee them, Richa Prashant from Delhi runs Sunaayy Foundation who endeavors to help the underprivileged when they needed it the most. She provides clothes, education, and shelter to the homeless. So far she has distributed around 1,000 blankets, meals, and over 1,500 uniforms, to the underprivileged students! She has also enrolled many kids in the private schools.

Shanti Devi, Tire Technician:

It is really uncertain how the internet got buzz over Shanti Devi, a woman who seems in her 50’s works alongside her husband as a tire technician. Around 16 km away from Delhi’s northern border lies her junkyard with all the mechanical stuff. This incredible woman repairs the trucks better than her own husband! Though working in as a technician is much out of need, but it is this job that provided Shanti with compassion and self-confidence. She now recognizes herself better than anyone else!


Therefore, the 2020 theme for international women’s day ‘I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights’ is however going to empower the sense of balance for better in the hearts and minds of the people. Investing in women’s education, awareness and wages in occupations make good economic sense. The government has however recognized the need to empower women in India. And why just the government, we think that women themselves has proved their worth by doing all sorts of job that any man can do. Women’s day is not celebrated to empower women, it is celebrated to bring equality and love. The team of The Indiannes wish you all a very happy Women’s Day!  


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