This Gay couple proudly ties knot at Kerala!

Marriage marriages are not a new thing in our society. It has been practiced for centuries but the instances of love between the same sexes like gay marriages are still a burden and a taboo in developing countries like India, China, and Pakistan or Arab countries. Gay marriages has always been enclosed in a capsule of hate and insult. This is mainly because of cultural or religious differences where parents marrying their kids to any alien family is not widely accepted. Rural or urban, the mindset of people are very confined when comes to the concept of same sex marriages. Interaction between the same sexes has increased considerably and this has contributed to the increased percentage of gay couple in the society. Our society faces challenges of gay marriages to overcome which is inviting other issues such as murder, shame, transgender abuse and what not! Such cases bring more severe consequences, most of the time fatal.

But things seems to be changing nowadays after the legalization of same sex relationships. Unfortunately today the same sex marriage is still a crime in the nation. A good example of this are Nikesh and Sonu, who announced their marriage publicly after the Supreme Court hold back section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and decriminalized the LGBTQ community in its historic decision in September 2018.

Nikesh and Sonu bringing light to Gay marriages

“It Was Love At First Sight” said Nikesh Usha Pushkaran.

A beautiful love story took place on 5th July 2018, at the Guruvayur Shree Krishna temple of Thrissur district of Kerala, where Nikesh Usha Pushkaran impatiently waited for his soon to be partner. Amidst the crowded courtyard of the temple, Nikesh nervous eyes were stick to the gates. As soon as his eyes laid upon his beloved partner Sonu, an IT professional, Nikesh was flattered and lost a breath for a moment. Both of then tied knot on the day by exchanging garlands and rings upon priest chanting’s. The duo secretly vowed a forever of togetherness and from here starts their story.


The secrecy was not because they had been married after all this love was not hidden from their parents as both their parents had given their blessings beforehand. The secrecy was indeed because their marriage was a crime. Their wedding was probably India’s first gay marriage just two months after the SC decriminalized the LGBTQ community and allowed same sex relationships debunking section 377 of Indian Penal Code. And just to set aside the secrecy tag from their marriage, Nikesh and Sonu together wrote a petition in the state’s High Court to legalize same sex marriages in the country.

“We were turned away when we went to register our marriage under the Special Marriage Act of 1954. Since we did not have any official documents legalizing our marriage we are denied several privileges–like being able to open a joint bank account or apply for medical insurance–which heterosexual couples can easily access. In the eyes of the law, we are still single.” said Nikesh Usha Pushkaran in a report by The Better India.  

Manu Srinath, their lawyer says the decriminalization of same sex or gay marriages in India is against fundamental human rights such as equality, liberty, and freedom of expression, no discrimination and many more. The Kerala High court had asked the state government to respond their petition. If their petition turns out to be successful than it’s definitely going to create a history and will be a historic moment of India. We hope and Nikesh and Sonu can get their desired result so that India can finally become a country based over equality.

When we talk about the LGBTQ people, most of us stereotype it or doesn’t prefer to say their gender out loud. They are criminalize for the acts they never committed. But the question among all this is quite clear- why? Why do us outcaste someone who had no control over his her gender. Do we decide on to be born as a boy or a girl? No, right? These people also didn’t choose over what they are born like. Just like being male or female, homosexuality is also a natural phenomenon existing in our society since ages, unfortunately not many recognize them. Transgender experience higher level of hate crimes against them. They fell more prey to mob lynching and are mostly subjected to day to day humiliation. These crimes somehow clear’s the vagueness which suggest that there’s definitely something wrong with us and not them, because they are not objecting any question on any gender, as male or female- then we objecting their existence shows the insecurity we have in ourselves. So if we really brag ourselves as liberal and modern, then not accepting or even appreciating their existence makes we question these words. This is the time for us to understand, apprehend and think- does every norm we have been taught since yet, is right or wrong?     

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