Uday Mahadeo Talwalkar- an unusual typewriter artist

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Self-inspiration is the only force that has driven many to pursue what they always wanted to do so far. Every day we come across people who are excelling in certain fields considering no formal training. Some inspires us and yet are some that just leave us amused. Among them is a man among the crowd who has achieved the unachievable- presenting Uday Mahadeo Talwakar. Typewriter was first invented for the sole purpose of typewriting, who thought that Uday Mahadeo can use this technique for making portraits! At the time when type writers are replaced with modernized computers. Mr. Talwalker uses it to make something unusually beautiful and incredible.  

 The Typewriter artist Uday Mahadeo Talwalkar, 52, is one of the very few type writer artist in the world and is working in this from past 21 years. He has created portraits of many big personalities such as Amitabh Bachan, Sachin Tendulkar, Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Madhuri Dixit and many more. He made all these without any formal training. He first got recognized when he made the portrait of Lata Mangeshkar.

He starts with making a rough pencil sketch on the sheet and then goes to typewriting, for shady areas he use the alphabet ‘M’ whereas for light shaded areas he uses ‘I’. At first he only used full stops and commas, but now can make the whole sketch by using several alphabets and numerical. Unlike many big artist, Uday can make a portrait without changing the position of the sheet which means when drawing in vertical, he can create the complete piece vertically and vice versa. Even if a small error is made, the work has to be start all over again, thus it needs a lot of concentration and attention. A normal A4 size painting takes from about four to six hours, larger portraits can take weeks of typing.

Talwalkar works at the Mazagon Dock Limited and has sketched the portrait of Lata Mangeshkar more than six times, a portrait measuring 21.4 ft x 13.3 ft. consisting of 364 A4 size sheet of paper. Many of his work is displayed in India and abroad. In an Mumbai Mirror report, Talwalker shares-

“I tried my hand on a paper and traced a picture, scaled it and then typed and onto my surprise it worked. My first sketch was of actress Smita Patel and then Lataji. Consequently, I started sketching portraits of other eminent personalities and also gifted them.”

After sketching Lata Mangeshkar he entered the ‘book of alternative records’ published in London, ‘Believe the Unbelievable’ published in Washington DC and ‘India Book of Records’ published in 2010, Delhi. Apart from this, the man is extremely talented as he is proficient in speaking various languages English, Marathi, Hindi, Russian, Malayalam, Konkani, Gujarati etc. He also consider himself an amateur swimmer. He also got keen interest in playing harmonium and violin.

Seeing people like Uday, it feels like that what we always thought of nothing but just a typewriter is actually an innovation meant for something more than just writing and this makes us wonder that there must be so many inventions out there who are not being used the way they actually could. Of course it takes genius minds such as Uday’s to figure out such but then again aren’t we all geniuses in our own way?


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