Uddhap Kumar Bharali

Uddhap Kumar Bharali- an innovation master!

Innovations don’t always come from a long hardship of research and experiments, sometimes it can even come in the form of mere Chindōgu better known as Jugaad. Jugaad is something that each Indian has somehow managed to master in one way or the other. It’s in our veins! But then we have people who do miracles by just using the Jugaad gut.

Uddhap Kumar Bharali, a man with 118 incredible inventions is one such example.

Uddhab Bharali is an Indian inventor from the Lakhimpur district of Assam. Bharali is credited with about 118 innovations, starting from the late 1980s. From simple tasks like pomegranate deseeding, areca nut peeler and peeling cassava to bigger ones like paddy seeding and processing tea, Bharali has designed machines for a range of uses.

Udhhap Kumar Bharali

A school dropout from Assam, who started from polythene making machine when his family was in debt. He sold it to a business catering to Tea Estates in Assam at just Rs.67 thousand whereas the actual rate of the product was close to 4 lacks. Focusing upon the need for agricultural tools he went on making a variety of peeler machines to peel Beteel Nut, Cassava, Garlic, Jatropha and Safed Musli, re-designed Assamese paddy grinder, that could be operated by only turning a wheel Bamboo Processing Machine to cut-polish-surface finish long Bamboo, Cutters for and Green tea leaves. He has a heart for disabled people as well, so he has created a range of innovations for them as well- which has reshaped the life around them.

He has won several awards for his talent:

  • Meritorious Invention Award 2010, NRDC
  • Certificate of Merit, NRDC, 2010, Govt. Of India
  • Prayukty Ratna Title -2010, Asom Sahitya Seva.
  • Shilpa Ratna Title –2012 by Asom Satra Mahasava
  • Rashtriya Ekta Samman-2013.
  • NICT Perfect -10 Award, ABP Media Group and The Telegraph
  • Chief Minister Best Awardee, 2013, Govt. of Assam.
  • ERDF excellence award-2014
  • Pratidin Time Media achiever award-2015
  • Kamala Kanta Saikia National award-2016
  • Asom Gourav award-2016
  • Romoni Gabhoru award -2016- By ATASU –Assam
  • Swayamsiddh- Shri Rashtriya Swayamsiddh Samman-2017 by JSPL
  • Winner Of Engineering Design Contest Organized By NASA Tech Briefs Media Called “Create The Future Design Contest- 2012” for Bench-top Pomegranate De-Seeder. It was placed 2nd in the Top Ten Most Popular Invention.
  • Winner NASA tech brief “Create the Future Design contest—2013”, for invention of -Detention Chair for mentally challenged Person.
  • Qualified for NASA tech brief “Create the Future Design contest—2014” for invention of feeding device for person without hand.
  • Qualifier –World Tech Award—2012 –For invention of Mini Tea plant.
  • Pioneer Award-2017.
  • Excellence Award 2018-Mahatma Gandhi University, Meghalaya.
  • Padma Shri Award – 2019   

The concrete brick making machine by Uddhab Kumar Bharali is yet another brilliant innovation that produces about fifty bricks per hour. It is a portable machine that runs on a 0.5 hp single phase power supply with an operating cycle of just 45 seconds. It’s feasible for female or handicapped workers to operate the device.

Bharali has clearly demonstrated his talent to the world and today is proud scientist and a speaker as well. Bharali has also developed toilet-chairs for the handicapped, and opened an orphanage-cum-old age home. A major part of funds collected by him hoes to the welfare of 21 families and has opened his own trust called UKD. From that trust he gives pension of Rs.1200 to 6 widows and Rs.2500 to physically challenged people per month. He also holds a three-month technical training program for a batch of 10 illiterate students, gives them a stipend of 300-600 INR for the first two months, and by the third month they earn themselves a stipend of 3000 INR through their merit.  

We have heard people saying ‘born with talent’ which well suits this man whose talent today is serving so many needy people. The facilities they lack due to the heavy expenses today has sorted by the brain of Bharali. People like Bharali are the one- the country desperately needs!   

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