Vilvah store transforming the skincare industry of India

Vilvah store

After losing her mother to a skin disease, a woman makes a business worth 15 crores! A decade-long battle with a severe skin condition, years of tender care, and a loss to carry for a lifetime- a woman from Coimbatore turned towards nature to overcome her grief. Only did she know that her diversion of grief will become her life’s calling instead. Kruthika Kumaran started Vilvah store, an organic skincare brand back in 2017.

Maintaining healthy and radiant skin is important because healthy skin is one of the biggest indicators of how healthy we are from the inside. In fact, the skin is the largest organ of our entire body, so we really should treat it with care. Therefore, using organic skincare products is as important for us as eating a healthy diet. One of the most recent and trusted organic skincare brands is indeed the ‘Vilvah Store’, this is their story.

Kruthika Kumaran started Vilvah store, an organic skincare brand back in 2017.

Kruthika Kumaran was born in Tamil Nadu’s Gobichettipalayam and had seen her mother suffer from a severe skincare condition. To manage the disease, her mother had to take a lot of steroids which eventually affected her kidneys. Kruthika would spend her whole day aiding her mother and had little to no time for herself. Her mother always uses to educate her on the importance of organic skincare products and ways to make them at home but Kruthika never had any chance to do so until her mother passed away in 2016.

In order to divert her attention from the grief, Kruthika turned towards making handmade skincare products. For the same, she enrolled herself in a cosmetology course to understand the making of such products. At first, she used goat milk produced from her native farms as a basic ingredient. She experimented with it in various ways and ultimately made soap out of it which she distributed among her family and friends. To her surprise, Kruthika received tremendous feedback serving as a call for her life’s ambition. It was a turning point in her life and Kruthika started her skincare brand named the ‘Vilvah Store’.

Vilvah store

The name Vilvah came from the Bilva leaves used to worship Lord Shiva. Kruthika wishes to remain true to her roots and thus the name was born. In the initial months, she used everything available in her kitchen to make organic soaps and shampoos but later her whole house was filled with the raw material used in the process. Her USP is goat milk which she includes in the majority of products as it contains incredible moisturizing and cleansing properties. It’s also a great ally for acne-prone skin. The products have no harsh chemicals or additives like sulfates, silicones, parabens, GMOs, or glycols, she notes, and instead uses natural and organic produce, carrier oils, essential oils, and butter. All these products are made in-house and R&D is done for months before launching any product.

Vilvah store’s products include cleansers, toners, face masks, moisturizers, gels, lip and eye products like Mascara or lipstick, and shampoos, hair oils, masks, serums, and conditioners. The range also includes soaps, body butter, scrubs, cold-pressed oils, and deodorant. The products are priced between Rs. 60 to 600, making the brand affordable for all sections of society. What’s more interesting is that her products are shipped all across India and even abroad in countries such as the US, Malaysia, and Singapore. Online retail stores like Nykaa and Flipkart too include her products on their website. Her 80% of her business comes from the online store.

The 32-year-old engineer turned business acumen today owns a brand worth Rs. 15 crores.

Kruthika Kumaran’s bestseller product is her goat milk shampoo, even after four years of startup. As the products are farm fresh, more and more consumers find the Vilvah store their one-stop solution for all the skin problems. On Instagram, the brand has a fan following of 339k! The brand has recently launched a new product line of agro products including varieties of white, black, and brown, and red rice. The team of Vilvah store plans to move the building to 40,000 sq ft production facility.

Vilvah store

Why organic skin care is important for skin?

Just like our body needs nourishment our skin too needs organic beauty products. Non-organic beauty products contain scary chemicals that can damage our skin and even cause several skin conditions. The major advantage of using organic over non-organic is because they are completely cruelty-free and poses no threat to your skin. Even if the product doesn’t work well for your skin they certainly don’t include any side effects thus excluding any possible chances of damage. They are also fairly cheaper than non-organic products.

Up to 60% of products you apply to your skin get absorbed in the bloodstream, so it’s equally important for us to rethink before using anything on our skin. Vilvah Store is one of the best organic skincare stores in the market providing a huge range of cruelty-free products. 


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