Wanna grab best chicken meal? Visit these places in Delhi!

Best non-vegetarian restaurants in Delhi,india,indianness

Indians are famous all over the world mainly because of the diversity we offer not only in culture but also in cuisine. India is a hub for foodies. One can taste possibly everything here in India that too delightfully. Whether you crave veg or non veg, we have everything- you name it, we got it! One best heap for being in India is that, one don’t have to look at their pockets for tasty feeds. From street foods to luxury restaurants, we are at your service. India is also a country populated with majority people following Hinduism, for whom non-vegetarian food is not the option, but do you know that 71% population in India is non-vegetarian while only 28.85% is vegetarian? Now isn’t this interesting? One question is why? Obviously, because of the variety of taste and dishes people offer. This article will take you through some of the best destinations for non veg gourmets in the heart of the country- Delhi.

Lanes of Old Delhi!

Yes! The lanes of Old Delhi is full over exotic non veg dishes. The narrow lanes and over population is a perfect hallmark for the taste it offers. Butter Chicken, korma, biryani, Haleem, chicken changezi, malai Chicken, kofta are just the few in the list. Not only the main course, you can find variety of light snacks made up of meat like chicken popcorn, chicken lollypop or fried chicken. Aslam Chicken corner is one of the best place you can visit to rescue your hunger, Located near Jama Masjid, Aslam Chicken Corner is gaining popularity now and people from far-off places come here to eat. Their chicken roast is an absolute must try. Apart from chicken delicacies, it also offers range of other items as well. Then you have Bukhraat situated in Sadar Thana Road, Sadar Bazar- offers some of the best Mughlai dishes. Especially dishes like mutton nihari, mutton korma, chicken Malaika tikka are not so expensive if you see the quantity and quality of food they offers. In the lanes of Ramjas Road, Karol Bagh, Peshawari Chicken corner is making away the hearty meals. Peshawari Chicken Corner at Karol Bagh makes sure one has a great food experience by offering highly palatable food. So next time you visit Old Delhi- make sure you at least try one!

best old delhi street food joints,india,indianness

Narrow alleys of Batla house and Jamia Nagar: 

The narrow alleys and overlapping houses of Batla house in New Delhi restores some of the best recipes for non veg. the street joints here can take you on the tour of heaven. There is no shortage of non veg food in this area. Anything from round the globe- makes home in Batla house. The Dilli Nahari hotel is the first restaurant you’ll see in the area. It offers best Nahari of the town! So if you crave something spicy and hot- go visit there. Second in the list is of course Afsar chicken point. It serves variety of non veg dishes from rolls or kebabs- they have variety in their varieties. Just behind Afsar you’ll find a small stall selling Rolls- this street joint is a perfect bliss for your taste buds. The creamy and juicy rolls of the place is a must try.

Located in the lanes of Batla house, this restaurant is famous for non-vegetarian food and especially the butter chicken, it’s amazing here. Al Umar is the famous restaurant in Okhla. Famous for its Kababs, tikka, rolls and offers breakfast with home delivery, Chaska is a place for a perfect family dining. The menu includes North Indian and fast food. Just above the restaurant one can also find a hookah parlor as an additional service. Apart from these places, Batla house is full of varieties and options- the place is so thick that it might need some time to explore- but mark our words, it’s all worth it!

Best non-vegetarian restaurants in batla house,india,indianness

Nizamuddin Basti:

Inhabited for the past 700 years now Nizamuddin Basti is a must visit place for all the foodies. The oddly named Kit Care Kabab Corner situated in Phool wali gali, is first on our list. Flavoured chicken kebabs prepared on bare fire is fresh in taste and are served with onion and some masala. The butter chicken is more of curd and butter mixture (gravy) hence a bit tangy, seriously you’d never tried a flavour like this. Second stop is Moradabad ki Mashhoor Biryani ki Puraani Dukaan. The shop is as old as it sounds. The biryani is cooked outside the shop but the hygiene level is well maintained. And there goes yet another hub- Manpasand Nahari Roti Waale. Nahari of this place is just awesome! With a thick gravy, dark red oil and a generous scattering of chopped green chilies sprinkled over the meat is a perfect dish to rescue your hunger. The shop is situated on Ghalib road near Lal Mahal. So what are you waiting for?    

Best non-vegetarian restaurants in nizamuddin,india,indianness,delhi

Market in SDA:

Among the chaos of SDA market you will come across a small shop with no chairs but just a stall who offers world class kebab- Aap Ki Khatir’s Kakori Kebab! If you are planning to visit this place make sure to remain seated in your car as there is no sitting arrangement and wait for someone to take your order. But let us warn you that once you visit this shop, you will keep coming back. The soft juicy kebabs served here are just so perfect in taste that you probably can’t resist.

Aap Ki Khatir’s Kakori Kebab,SDA market,delhi,indianness,india

So these are some of the top destinations for all the non veg freaks out there! And mind you- these all are among the top best which means that finding a place that is reasonable enough for your pocket and that can provide wonders in taste is a pretty hard search operation. So why waste time when here you can explore all?  


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