Who is Shantanu Naidu, The young assistant of Ratan Tata?

Shantanu Naidu

Weeks earlier Ratan Tata celebrated his 84th birthday and unlike lavish venues or mega balloon arch’s, the down-to-earth man celebrated in the simplest of manner. A video of which has become viral lately. The business giant could be seen celebrating his birthday with a young employee. But what made everyone curious was the young man beside the business tycoon patting his shoulder. The 28-year-old Shantanu Naidu is actually the assistant of Ratan Tata, and just like his employer, Naidu’s own story is also inspiring.

Meet Shantanu Naidu, the young assistant of Ratan Tata and a millennial friend

At the young age of 28, Shantanu has achieved what is a dream for many people. Shantanu works as a Deputy General Manager at TATA and gives business advice to the business tycoon. But Shantanu is much more than just a business advisor, he himself is a businessman, engineer, author, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. He was born in 1993, in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He completed his MBA from Cornell University and is the fifth generation of his family working for Tata Group. He has also worked as a Design Engineer for Tata Elxsi.

But the young boy’s dream came true when Shantanu was still in college. He was always fond of dogs and thus decided to make a dog collar made out of reflectors so that drivers at night could see them avoiding any unwanted accidents.

Being a student, it was difficult for him to raise any funds for his idea, so he and his team started using recyclable materials like denim jeans as a raw product for his initiative. They collected denim pants from several households and made about 500 reflective collars in Pune and collared 500 dogs under the name- Motopaws.

Shantanu Naidu

He started posting pictures on social media about Motopaws and soon hundreds of people recognized his efforts and even appreciated him. Just like this, he became famous and his work was even highlighted by Tata company’s newsletter which eventually got him a chance to meet Ratan Tata. This proved to be the first of several more to come. He was invited by Ratan Tata who himself is an animal activist.

In 2016, Shantanu went to the US for further studies. When he returned in 2018, he got a call from Tata to join the venture. Shantanu immediately joined Tata Trusts as the Deputy General manager in the chairman’s office. His graduation ceremony was attended by Ratan Tata too.

Simultaneously, Naidu also works for his own startup, and today, Motopaws has spread to over 20 cities and 4 countries. According to reports, Shantanu helps Ratan Tata in his own personal investment startups as Ratan Tata has a strong belief in startup system of India. Naidu also helps him learn about social media trends, lingos, and hashtags. Thanks to that, Ratan Tata unlike many businessmen of India has an engaging Instagram handle.  

Shantanu Naidu

Shantanu Naidu wrote a book titled ‘I came upon a Lighthouse’ as a memoir of his and Ratan Tata’s friendship. The book is actually based on the diary he maintained while working for Tata and consists of all the important moments of their journey together.

Moreover, Shantanu and Tata together launched a companionship company GoodFellows, that works to provide friendship to elderly people who often find themselves lonely and so younger people can help them reduce their loneliness. Ratan Tata is very hopeful about this project and wishes Shantanu and his team the best.

Nevertheless, Naidu has made his name in the business industry at an age where many people don’t even start dreaming about it. Being a personal advisor to the country’s biggest Business tycoon, his journey is already inspiring and worth reading. 


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