Why Do Women Love Fantasy?

Those who love fantasy gets lost in fiction and conjure their own tale of pure imagination. Women, being the protagonist of fantasy fiction, are relatively a set of humans that not just love reading or watching fantasy dramas but are even often noted daydreaming in the same sequence. So, the question is, why women are more into fantasy (especially romantic fantasy) than males?

Indeed, the early fairy tales influenced by fantasy giants such as Disney subconsciously regulated a woman’s need for romance from a young age. This might not resonate with modern women, who feel connected with the tales of maidens saved by their wisdom and virtue from forced marriages, accusations of witchcraft, and devilish mothers-in-law. But the core of it remains a romantic interest, very much evident with the growing popularity of K-dramas that are typically centered on romance.

Let’s unpack the trend.


As the fantasy matured by the 20th century, authors began using more magic- supernatural elements foiled with romance and chivalry to approach men-women alike. Poor boys and hobbits turn into knights of the realm to protect the women they love, as shown in the classic Vampire Diaries or the modern-day Alchemy of Souls. It’s only natural that fantastical settings should, at some point, apply those same meritocratic principles to gender.

But when we compare the fantasy between men and women- the spheres are completely different. While men might enjoy the fights and supernatural elements of the themes, the majority of women enjoy the protagonist’s infatuations with the women lead, though, this does not mean that women do not enjoy the other stuff. In a recent survey, it was revealed that women enjoy imagining claimed kinds of power that were previously off-limits to them. The truth is, literature prior 20th century lacked inspiring female heroines, thus, with the sudden shift in the writing style and women expanding their education, now have power over their choices.

Women are more emotional

Women are hardwired to be more emotional than men. Just like colors, women can feel wide varieties of emotions that men do not even know exist. This is the main reason why women are always clustered with questions, doubts, mood swings, and sometimes butterflies. Romantic fantasy is always over-the-top dramatic, filled with angst, sorrows, and love which women lure in the real life. Every woman loves the idea of a man that loves her unconditionally, even Jack wouldn’t climb onto that wood block to keep Rose from drowning if Titanic was a real deal!

Women are fierce

But more than that, women are fierce. Who wants to read a book about a woman who serves no more purpose other than a prop or a side chick? Women love smart, outspoken, and hard-headed strong female leads even in their fantasies. Most of them are suppressed in real life, they are not allowed to have these traits, thus, watching or reading something that they always desired is special.


Women love fictional men

For most women, men are a mystery to us as we are to them. In reality, men do not resemble a man of pure fiction. They do not stand in pouring rain just to ask for your forgiveness, and neither do they ever speak out about what they really feel, unlike that guy in The Notebook. This emotional void is hence filled with fantasy as it soothes our tattered souls. One of the main reasons women love fantasy is for the feels. These fictional men are gorgeous and despite that, they are totally in love with just one woman, and men in the real world rarely look that way!

Women are more into thrill

Almost none of us are completely happy in our everyday lives and we need a break every now and then. Reading romance gives us the perfect opportunity to escape reality and live a life that is different from day-to-day life. It gives us a thrill, excitement, and heartbreak but they always put them back together in the end. It also gives us a sneak peek of people’s passion and sufferings that helps us understand why men are like what they are.

Thus, it’s pretty simple to conclude how gender works with fiction. Fantasy was never supposed to be completely believable and that’s why they make perfect escapism for people who lack excitement in life. Despite being a myth, it plays a very crucial role in the literary world, human society, and development because it captures what we value as people. A good fantasy should convince you just enough to achieve enough thrill, but that’s it.

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