Witness India’s First Elephant Hospital In Mathura

India’s first elephant hospital

India is home to 60% of Asia’s elephants has a rich culture of the elephant. Though it was officially recognized as India’s national heritage animal in 2011, the fast industrialization, growing pollution menace and expanding human households have greatly affected their existence which left the country with only 25,000 elephants in remaining. As the world wildlife day seeks its arrival, India is once again all set to appreciate animal existence. From protecting endangered animals to considering cows as gods, our nation has always cared much about animals in almost every aspect. With this thought in mind, let us introduce you all to India’s first elephant hospital in Mathura. This unique medical center offers some of the amazing health treatments like wireless digital X-ray, laser treatment, dental X-ray, thermal imaging, ultrasonography, hydrotherapy and also quarantine facilities! But what so unique inside the elephant hospital? Let’s check that out!

From elephant sauna to elephant hospital- India seems like an elephant paradise!

Inaugurated by Agra Divisional Commissioner Anil Kumar at Farah block’s Churmura village on Friday, India’s first elephant hospital comes in handy with some professionalized vets in the house! This hospital has specialized arrangements for wireless digital X-ray, laser treatment, dental X-ray, thermal imaging, ultrasonography, hydrotherapy and also quarantine facilities, specifically for elephants. This elephant hospital is located close to the elephant conservation and care center. It is designed in a way to treat injured, sick and geriatric elephants with fully equipped tools for lifting animals and also an elephant restraining device. It provides long-duration indoor medical treatments to the elephants. India’s first elephant hospital includes a pathology laboratory, a digital weighing scale and Elephant Restraining Device (ERD).

The hospital also provides accessibility for education as it has an observation deck that will allow veterinary students and interns to learn about the elephant’s behavior and treatment that follows. “When new elephants are brought into the facility they are scared and refuse to stay still, they are restrained here and inspected for injuries and given a bath,” said Shivam Rai.

India's First Elephant Hospital

This unique initiative is taken by the Wildlife SOS with the collaboration of the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department. This hospital is built on a vast area of almost 12,000 square feet with an observation area for monitoring of elephants during nights with Close Circuit Infra-Red CCTV cameras. Training courses will also be organized by the team of Wildlife SOS to learn about elephant medical care, humane elephant management, and all the necessary veterinary procedures. It also has an ambulance big enough to transport two elephants and two caretakers in it. The interesting fact is that India’s first elephant hospital is built entirely with public donations and CSR support.

“We hope this hospital will put India on the map as a scholarly destination for humane management of elephants which will go a long way to address the protection and conservation of elephants in India,” said Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder of Wildlife SOS.

This is not the only initiative by Wildlife SOS, back in 2010 they opened Elephant Conservation and Care Center which is currently providing treatment to 20 rehabilitated pachyderms, victims of illegal captivity for circuses and other purposes providing safety to them from all inhumane practices. The Wildlife SOS is a non-profit in India that was established back in 1995.

The primary aim of the project was to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife in distress regions of India and also work on preserving India’s natural heritage. And surprisingly the Wildlife SOS is currently one of the largest Wildlife Organisations in whole South Asia. It has cohesively worked on protecting species like leopards, macaques, elephants, moon bears, snakes, and others which include elephants with its current project.

India’s first elephant hospital has received widespread appreciation by many major NGOs and the government of India. As India has a culture of worshiping elephants, the damage coming their way is also rampant. They are illegally captivated for business purposes like circuses that include cruel behavior and electrocution towards them! The untrained and ill-mount trains also add up to the problem. It is a grave issue that needs to be addressed and with India’s first elephant hospital we have to take a step forward towards the path of improvement. The team of The Indianness wishes great success to this wonderful initiative! 


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