Witness the first Indian Z- Pop stars

Priyanka Mazudar,Siddhant Arora

Usually, India is never seen included in international projects especially from Asian countries. Though we have one of the largest entertainment sector, not many pay heed to the Indian artists, whether it’s about tours, TV shows or special projects. However, New South Korean label  Z-Pop Dream Company seems to changing it! Jun Kang co-founded and the CEO of media corporation Zenith Media Contents, aims to create world’s first international K-pop group. And surprisingly, two members included in this group are Indians- Priyanka Mazudar and Siddhant Arora! Witness world’s first Indian K-pop stars and explore how the norms are changing.

World’s first Indian Z-pop stars

Their website reads- “The vision is to unite Asia with Z-POP, an extraordinary music genre that transcends beyond K-pop with Asia’s top talents.”

The Z- Pop star group has two teams, the Z-Girls and the Z-Boys with 7 members in each. The target of this project is the Generation- Z, which refers to the youth today and that’s exactly where the name draw its inspiration from! However, there are chances that the name might change in future. Z-Girls features Priyanka Mazumdar, Bell, Carlyn, Joanne, Queen, and Vanya and the Z-Boys features Siddant Arora, Blink, Josh, Mavin, Perry and Roy. Among these groups, Priyanka Mazumdar and Siddhant Arora are Indian idols while the rest are from different Asian countries from around the world like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and of course one from the Korea itself. The Indian duo further joined the all-boy and all-girl groups who were given the opportunity to perform at the Z-POP DREAM Live Debut Concert in Seoul in February last year. The concert was broadcasted in 120 countries by KBS World and Arirang TV.

The 22 year old Priyanka Mazumdar born in Assam, India, has represented India in K-pop World Festival 2019. She received First place at level one held in Chennai and then third runner up in the final event that took place in Delhi. Priyanka who herself is a great fan of k-pop group BTS is said to be quite a hit at South Korea after her debut. Whereas Siddhant Arora was a famous youtuber who covered Bollywood hits took up his name ‘Sid’ as his stage name after he joined the Z- Pop group in Korea. Famous for his choreography for the popular “Gangnam Style” Lee Jusun and a renowned producer Mad Soul Child are said to be the part of the project. The idols were chosen purely on auditions and casting calls. However season one has already ended, the season two will feature new idols from different countries and cultures just like the season one.

Indian Z- Pop stars

They have set up Star Academies in 10 countries and regions in addition to Korea,  including India, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore to expand their reach to include more idols in the future. This isn’t it, the project also seems to be utilizing digital money processes. Z-pop Dream project also has its own form of cryptocurrency called the  ZPOP Coin. These coins further are used for the method of payment for music, online content, merchandise and concert tickets, one  ZPOP Coin worth around USD 0.08! To maintain transparency the company assures to use a block chain method. In season two, the company aims to bring Z-POP Dream Project into 7 different territories and work with local partners for their talent-discovery tour to TV and even on the digital screens.

According to their website, “Winners from each territory will receive exclusive and intensive train from our award-winning trainers to prepare for their debut.”

It is remarkable that season one survived among several prominent groups like GOT7, Black Pink, EXO, and NCT. South Korea is widely recognized for its racial discrimination which is not only border based but also in terms of minor things such as their clothing styles. This is a major reason why world today is witnessing several K idols Like Sulli or Ahn So Jin, committing suicide over bullying back to back. A country which is so notorious for its discrimination over racism and we all know that idols too aren’t an exception to such attacks, it is extremely extraordinary for the foreign rookies to make a hit. Priyanka Mazudar and Siddhant Arora is making not only India proud but also seems to be shattering the stigma attached with Racism. The team of The Indianness congratulates them over their success and wish to see new faces coming forward bringing such changes.


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