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World’s first artificial human NEON that look exactly like us!

Humans fascinates a lot on gadgets, especially the AI gadgets that to an extent seems much lively and organic. While on one hand world is screaming over Alexa or google assistance, Samsung is on the all new different level! No matter how much Alexa impresses it cannot reach near to humanity or feel a sense of belonging. The human robots we see in the movies is not a fiction anymore but is out to rock the digital AI market! The AI gadgets we have been using so far is miles away from the new world’s first ‘artificial human’ dubbed Neon created by Pranav Mistry, Samsung. With this new invention, Samsung is soon going to revolutionize the Digital industry that exist in this world.  

World’s first ‘artificial human’ by Pranav Mistry

Created by Samsung STAR employee Pranav Mistry, this ‘artificial human’ is much likely to rock in the 2020 market. Samsung at CES 2020 disclosed the world’s first ‘artificial human’ dubbed Neon! This AI is much different from what you and we commonly see’s, it’s more like human visually and sympathetic in approach, maybe that’s why the company isn’t advertising it plainly. The Neon is artificially generated by coding’s and computation and the digital human can probably look like anyone, they’re not based on a particular face! Now, this is amusing! This Artificial human is designed to help human beings in day to day lives as it easily understands and communicate in human language and also learns from its experiences. Interestingly enough, this human ‘robo’ can actually save memories as well! The dynamic and powerful processor Neon is currently using is Samsung’s proprietary platform Spectra and Core R3.

“NEON is like a new kind of life. There are millions of species on our planet and we hope to add one more. NEONs will be our friends, collaborators, and companions, continually learning, evolving, and forming memories from their interactions.” Said CEO Pranav Mistry.

pranav mistry

The core R3 works for the exterior which means it makes the robot look lively and more human. It looks after the behavior, habits and grasping sudden situations of the robot! It helps it look 100% visually real. Whereas the Spectra tries to make this AI robot more like human, it is still in process. It helps the Core R3 in the fields of Intelligence, Learning, grasping, feelings and memory. Spectra is scheduled to be launched later this year (2020).

The AI robot Neon, is programmed to have conversations, understand it and sympathies just like humans. Neon can help with determined tasks because it can be personalize in a way to assist in fields that require human touch or energy. Additionally, Neon’s can be proved excellent teacher in a digital area, a healthcare personal, a yoga instructor or a Janitor at the restaurant. Surprisingly Neon can be a challenge for an actor or a TV anchor because it has the capability of learning and grasping things faster than the normal human beings. However, Pranav plans to license Samsung’s NEONs to firms and further to the consumers, for flexible purposes. One advantage that NEON offers is that it has been designed to give different personalities to each of its AI robot and customers will have the flexibility to choose the one that suits their needs! According to Pranav Mistry, Neon can work in the betterment of future if used potentially.

Pranav Mistry, computer scientist and inventor of Neon will be forever remembered for his contribution in human intelligence. According to Pranav, Neon will be a companion to the elder generation who feels lonely and has a potential to even work as fashion models! In 2012, Pranav Mistry joined Samsung has been working in different fields ever since within the firm. He became the global vice president at Samsung Electronics on May 2017. The 38 years old best known for SixthSense, says that Neon is an excellent tool if used potentially, however the misuse of the same can be dangerous. So, it can only be wonder how the technology will turn out but right now it’s an amazing invention that is totally new interface in the digital era. This Digital avatar will look and communicate like real humans may alter the way you think from advertising to movie-making to anything possible.

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