How to deal with child pornography addiction?

It is very common for parents to just cut of the source of material if they inspect infiltration of pornography into the minds of their children, but that’s not going to help. Many of them would consider not installing internet connection in the home or checking their phones time to time. But this will not going to change anything as today or tomorrow your child will be definitely exposed to pornography at some point in their lives. Because the material is everywhere- on televisions, billboards on the streets and the magazines.

So instead what can you do to tackle your child exposure to pornography?  

Talk to them beforehand:

When your child reaches a certain age and is old enough to understand pornography, talk with them about it. Let them explore pornography on your advice. Instruct them about the harmful as well as the positive aspects. Don’t make the topic a stigma, rather be easy about it so that your child too won’t fantasize it much. What happens is that when we restrict our children from doing something specific without giving any proper explanation, this leads to curiosity among the kids to know more about the content. And curiosity is the very first step towards addiction. So when you cut out the wall yourself, nothing much is there left to worry about!

Don’t overreact:

If there is a chance of your kid being already exposed to pornography without your knowledge, then the first and foremost step you should take is – Don’t freak out! If you freak out, your child may not feel enough comfortable to come to you about it again in the future. Best is to hear them out and talk about it calmly. This way you can express reasonable disappointment in your child, especially if you have already had discuss with them already. Let them know that you are not mad, but you are disappointed- this way they will understand that you are angry over their action not the content of the work.

Try to prevent it well:

If you suspect your child becoming a porn addicts then act on it as fast as you can. But make sure to curate a plan before you take any action. What happened has happened and you can’t change, the only thing you can do is to prevent it from happening again. You can install more filters, or limit the use of specific devices to certain areas of the house. Just make sure you lock the doors that allowed the bad stuff in, and only make way of good things in. It’s not that the porn is wrong it’s just that you should know when is the correct time for your kids to learn about them.   

Encourage follow-up questions:

When you tell your kids first about pornography, they are brimming with questions. Encourage your child to ask them to you instead of somebody else and answer their questions calmly. Tell them about the right action and what their moral duty is and just try to keep the conversation sensible. The most important thing we are stressing again, is not to put fear or shame in your child’s mind! Because if you really do that, trust us, they are not going to stop watching porn ever and above that they will do it without your knowledge. And that is potentially disastrous!

Emphasize context and consent:

It is extremely important for you to make your kids aware about the injustices and systems of the oppressions. Explain to them about things like misogyny, racial objectification and ableism. You might use this moment to address that not all bodies look like porn actors or actresses. Or, you might use this as an opportunity to talk to them about pleasure, protection, consent, body, and much more. Emphasize more on context and the consent. Tell your kids what is right and what is wrong, just use pornography as a source to educate your child about sex education.    

Knowledge about consent in sex is a crucial part in providing moral education to your kids. Pornography should be used as a medium of sex education rather than entertainment or addiction. Having a good moral education since childhood helps in developing your child’s mind morally efficient. This part is well needed in today’s society as we are heading towards daily cases where our moral standards seems to be demising and shedding minute by minute.

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