6 Crazy Experiences – Must have if tripping to Guwahati!


As summer is one month ahead, here an intervention, you all need to know if you are planning a trip to Goa, you and your lovely dear ones who have been planning this trip for like years is just going to happen.

Hey there, yeah you, this might sound intriguing yet budget low and planning to drop the idea, then here is a place you are going to explore in this article is the next best place to visit.

Rambling by the great Brahmaputra River in the upper east, Guwahati is an amalgamation of antiquated history and modern-day luxuries. While the well-established sanctuaries stand demonstration of rich old history; the energetic nightlife carries the city into the 21st century.

There is such a significant amount to see and do in Guwahati that it must be one of the best goals to visit in the nation.

Here are six activities in Guwahati to make your excursion valuable! 

1. Rollover Saraighat Bridge

This rail-cum-street connect a story to let you know. This is actually where the war between the Mughals and Ahoms (the leaders of Assam) occurred! I’d state, have your Jab Tak Hai Jaan minute, Shah Rukh Khan Style, and go for a drive on the Saraighat connect with your amigos.

2. Cruise across the Brahmaputra River

When in Guwahati, you need to bounce on an imaginary journey and skim throughout the day over the stunning Brahmaputra River. You should sit back, unwind, take in the dusk, and stuff your face with loads of nourishment. Goodness and don’t get nauseous.

3. Cafe Hendrix

Yes, you are in the right place! It’s an excellent opportunity to discover your Foxey, Lady. What’s more, you can do with this whole site is that all you need is to feed your spirit with a night of electronic music at this well-known bistro. Bistro Hendrix is a famous blues bistro in Guwahati, clamouring with incredible artists from North East India. You must head down there to take advantage of this perfect place in a chilly 16 ounces and hear some out stunning artists. 

4. Momo Festival 

Most importantly, all Dilli-was, if it’s not too much trouble quiet down, alright? Here’s to inform you concerning these hand-made flavour bombs enveloped by the batter, all present in one spot and served with the heart of lusciousness — the Guwahati Momo Festival! This lively jubilee happens yearly around November with momos from various pieces of Guwahati city. You can likewise get momos from Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Meghalaya, Bhutan, and Darjeeling. Furthermore, no, there are no soya momos. The pleasure is all mine. 

Momos are not all that Guwahati brings to the table with regards to nourishment! Canyon on some tasty thukpa, jhal muri and khaar. Suppose if you need to jump into the excellent and somewhat odd makes-me-need to-flinch universe of Guwahati nourishment, look at the trailer for this new Zomato Originals’ movement nourishment appear, Eat Like A Girl and feed you jelly belly like a baby. 

5. Kamakhya Temple 

Situated on the Nilachal Hill, Kamakhya Temple is one of the most adored places of worship of Goddess Shakti in India. The sanctuary has a gigantic vault which ignores the curious slopes out of sight. Get a whole perspective on the city from the top! 

6. Dipor Bil 

This freshwater lake rises out of the Brahmaputra waterway rambling more than 40 km! It was proclaimed a winged animal haven in 1989 attributable to its rich biodiversity and legacy. Go fledgeling watching and look at some genuinely cool outlandish winged animals. Do whatever it takes not to get sh*t on. 

This curious city in Assam is a much-needed refresher with tons to offer. Surrender to the voyager in you and scratch this city off your pail list now! If you need another look at what Guwahati brings to the table, where the nourishment is worried from jute pork to dreadful little animals.


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