Adventures you can only experience in Meghalaya!


For a small state, Meghalaya is loaded with a supernatural view. 

Voyagers regularly frequent India from around the world, yet its Northeastern locales are not included in any movement direct. Meghalaya is one such goal. Meghalaya is a North-East Indian state which isolates the North East Indian province of Assam from Bangladesh.

Possessed by inborn networks, the little state is likewise an overflowing pot of culture. Home to harsh mountains, precious subtropical wildernesses, somewhere in the range of 1650 investigated and somewhat investigated caverns, it’s additionally perhaps the best goal for a nature darling or an adrenaline searcher

Cross a Double-Decker Living Root Bridge 

Meghalaya is one of only a handful, not many places on the planet to see living root spans. The root connects that interfaces the banks of River Umshiang has two ranges. It is named as the Umshiang Double Decker Living Root Bridge. You can arrive at the root connect in the wake of climbing exactly 3,500 stages from close by Tyrna.

It’s feasible in one day. Be that as it may, remaining in one of the homestays in a little town named Nongriat will give you a lot of time to rest your knees and obviously, absorb in the vibrant green climate. This will likewise permit you to swim in the blue waters of close by Rainbow Falls. 

Go Caving in Krem Puri, which is the World’s Longest Sandstone Cave: 


Krem Puri is 24.5 kilometres long and situated in Mawsynram. It is the world’s longest sandstone cavern and India’s second most extended standard cavern framework. The sandstone cavern organizes entrancing passages and strange turns while covering a vast region of 13 square kilometres. 

Aside from Krem Puri, India’s longest cavern is additionally situated in Meghalaya, tucked inside the lesser-known East Jaintia Hills district. A limestone cavern, the Krem Liat Prah complex is India’s most extended cavern framework. It is 34 kilometres long. Be that as it may, folding ought to be abstained from during the rainstorm season which runs from May to August. At the point when November approaches, the atmosphere is drier and giving in campaigns run until March. 

Kayak in Umngot River 

A town named Shnongpdeng is one of the well-known water sports goals in Meghalaya. During the time from October to April, the waterway water turns blue and is completely clear, straightforward, only like glass. Shnongpdeng additionally has an exuberant environment, particularly during the winters. Frequented by nearby Indian explorers and day-outers, you will wind up chiming in with local people and kayaking with fishmongers in the town. 

Remain With a Khasi Family in Meghalaya 

Khasi individuals are the first clan in Meghalaya. While people over their call Khasi Hills their home, they are dissipated all through the state. The territory of Meghalaya has three districts: Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills (home to Jaintia clan), and Garo Hills (home to Garo clan). 

Khasis are one of the world’s last scarcely any matrilineal social orders. You will frequently observe butcher ladies at neighbourhood markets and men taking their little children to class. Outside voyagers are an uncommon sight in the entire of Meghalaya. In any case, you will be invited with only a lot of grins, chai (tea), and Jadoh, the mark dish for Khasis.

Visit the Lesser-Known Arwah Caves 

Arwah Caves is situated in Sohra, which is famously known as Cherrapunji, Meghalaya’s most mainstream traveller goal. In Sohra, swarms rush to Mawsmai. However, Arwah caverns are concealed in the wilderness and are intriguing spots with fossils, stalagmites, and stalactites. It’s a limestone give in and can be effortlessly investigated inside one to two hours. The pathway to the Arwah caverns is painstakingly kept up and takes you through the overgrown wilderness frequented by birdsong. 

Explore World’s Tallest Monoliths: 


In Nartiang region, there is a tree-clad park with a group of megalithic stones, raised by the Jaintia lords before. It’s situated in Jaintia Hills, close to the locale’s capital Jowai. The area is home to Jaintia individuals: one of Meghalaya’s first ancestral gatherings. Moo Song Syiem is eight meters tall and accepted to be the world’s tallest stone monument.

The stone monuments are additionally connected to an abundance of rich, entrancing folktales of the area. A little town, Nartiang is a one to two-hour drive from Shillong. The historical backdrop of the stone monument park runs back to 1500s. Furthermore, previously, it was the late spring goal of Jaintia lords. 

Look at Asia’s Cleanest Village 

Mawlynnong is a little town in Meghalaya situated close to the Bangladeshi outskirt. The city won the status of being the cleanest town in Asia in 2003. It’s an efficient retreat like a town; however, the nearby life is still very much saved here. The restricted rear entryways that lead to townhouses are flawlessly perfect. There are a lot of bamboo-made dustbins situated in each corner, and the town encourages you to reclaim all your plastic. 

While day guests frequent it, a medium-term stay gives you an all the more socially vivid experience. The best part is that you can climb one of the small bamboo cottages to see nightfall hues showing up over the Sylhet fields in Bangladesh. What’s more, when sunset falls, slow down at the town coffeehouse for a masala chai. It’s Mawlynnong’s rendition of Starbucks yet have confidence that it’s superior to anything any Starbucks you’ve been to. 

Camp under the Stars – Asia’s Second-Largest River Island 

Majuli Island in Assam is Asia’s biggest stream island. Nongkhnum Island comes next. It’s situated in the West Khasi Hills close Nongstoin. The excursion to Nongkhnum is very uneven; however, with perspectives on fertile green paddy fields settled between shielding mountain guards, you will love the journey. 

The island likewise has a staggering cascade named Weenie Falls, which is brimming with life during the rainstorm. Nongkhnum is once in a while visited by nearby gatherings for kayaking and angling exercises. With clear skies a long way from city smoke, it makes for a mind-blowing place for stargazing.


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