is shaming associated with mental health?

Have you ever stopped and thought about how many times we are told to change our dressings, hairstyles, bags in short our overall appearance? Whether it be magazines, advertisements, models or personalities always offering tips and schemes of improving ourselves? Like really you mean to change ourselves? This is just few examples of body-shaming, and it is everywhere. Sitcoms so frequently use overweight characters’ bodies as the basis of many of the show’s jokes. The concept of body-shaming can be confusing, especially when combined with conversations about medical concerns. Obesity can certainly be a concern, and that is based on someone’s medical information, being overseen by a doctor. Body-shaming is extremely damaging and the statistics are concerning. According to bullying statistics a huge 94 per cent of women and 84 per cent of men are affected by body-shaming. And a government report found 60 per cent of adults said they feel ‘ashamed’ of the way they look. Words matter, and have the power to hurt. Even when we don’t realize it, words can cause someone to pause and pursue unrealistic expectations about their body. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, about 65% of people with eating disorders say that bullying contributed to their condition. Not only does social media and society play a role in body shaming and bullying, but even family members also make us see ourselves differently. Approximately 40% of higher weight kids are teased about their weight by peers or family members.

We may think that the word ‘body shaming’ is only relate to being fat but the truth is not only fat people, nobody is immune to harsh words.

Even in colleges, schools we try to fit in by faking our appearances, by faking who we really are. These things constantly force us to become good looking, stylist, slimmer, tanner otherwise you will be subject to someone else body shaming comments. Fat people are usually considered ugly or not good enough. Whereas being too slimmer makes you call malnourished. That how it is and that how it goes. Even such comments make us question our own appearances and instigate self judgement. We just try to undo everything that makes us. Why is it always other telling us what we should do and why we can’t choose to do what we actually wants to do! We constantly tries to push ourselves so that we can fit well with someone else expectations when in reality it doesn’t even matters. There are certainly number of fake beauty standards residing in our society that affects both the genders gruesomely. A male who doesn’t have good physique or is less than 5’8 is hugely subjected to shaming and things are worse for the girls, as how they look determines whom they marry!- ridiculous. A desired girl type is having an average height, fair skin and long hairs. Anything against these limits are not accepted. And I just don’t get it why? Why is there a perfect body type? For me everyone is unique in their own way.    


People only like what they want to see but when talk about love, things are quite different. According to me what actually matters in the end is how you really are, your inner beauty. To make it clear people shame others may be to make themselves feel better. There’s a social psychological theory called social comparison, which is where we compare ourselves to others to determine whether we are ‘ok’. Making a lot of ‘upward’ comparisons or comparisons with people we feel are doing better than us results in reduced self-esteem, so one of the ways in which we can try to address that is by ‘bringing down’ the people we may compare ourselves to, but there’s not much evidence on this. We usually find peace by down grading those from whom we are insecure, and we also enjoy when some else try to shame them. This is a natural human nature and that’s how it all works. However we need to stop body shaming, we need to enlighten our minds for bringing solidarity and acceptance, so that people can live together without being subject to shameful comments. One interesting fact is that shaming is mostly found among the teenage groups. They are mostly the perpetrators and the culprit both.  Shaming affects us because we certainly focus on what other people have, not on what we have. And this is where everything collides. When we will learn to be satisfied with what we have then only we can eradicate the effects of shaming. Go for being fit but never crave for a desired body type, because I don’t think there’s any desire body type- it’s all in our mind. Also the impact of social media also does ignite the body shaming thing in the society. Everything on social media isn’t real, it all airbrushed. So don’t flaunt on what you see on it. Secondly emotional and mental satisfaction is very important, if you won’t be spiritually satisfied, you’ll keep on comparing yourself with others. Inspire and encourage empathy, it’s very much needed. There’s a lot of negative in sympathy whereas a lot positive in performing empathy. Sympathy makes you feel less whereas empathy make you feel stronger. Self-love is very crucial, there won’t be a shortage of haters and bully’s but there will be rare chance of getting appreciated. So learn to appreciate yourself and be happy in what you have and who you are. No matter you are fat, thin, dark, white, and small or tall- you all are beautiful in your own way. There’s only one version of you in the whole world, so take care of this unique version. Don’t be a copy instead set a trend mark so that people can follow you.

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