covid-19,Hindu-Muslim debate

Chanting the Covid-19 away?

India so far has recorded positive cases cross 2000 mark and PM Modi is about share a video tomorrow by 9pm regarding the same. The total range of confirmed cases recorded at 1,965, of which, 1,764 are active, one hundred fifty have recovered. Among the 27 states and Union Territories having Coronavirus patients, Maharashtra has the best tally of advantageous cases at 338, followed by Kerala at 241. India has been beneath a 21-day lockdown in a bid to save the unfold of coronavirus or Covid-19.

Pitching for efforts on a conflict footing to pick out and isolate COVID-19 hotspots, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hinted at a “staggered” exit from the continuing lockdown after the 21-day length ends on April 14. However so far, there’s no confirmation regarding the same. But amid all this, one thing circulating among covid-19 chaos, is the Hindu-Muslim debate. In India, amusingly people are praying the covid-19 away!

Why Covid-19 is becoming a Hindu- Muslim debate?

India has up to now recorded several instances of covid-19 infections, but for some the covid-19 seem far a count of religion, politics and faith. The actual fears lies that if the country of 1.3 billion people is hit hard, India’s already overburdened health system will shatter, but government have been hailed for taking decisive action early on, such as schools shutdown, shutting borders, in short complete lockdown, random sampling, and making health records extensively available. The initiative seems to have worked a little, as a minimum in supporting Indian markets sidestep the kind of routing seen elsewhere around the world.

Some parts of India is notoriously on shrill and increasingly more partisan by social media and country’s so called intellectuals have seized at the covid-19 outbreak, and in some cases they may be harnessing it to add fire to different unrelated issues that seems to be prevailing since a very long time. For example, the one trending nowadays where the coronavirus issue is taking a toll of Hindu- Muslim debate in India. The term has become the number one searching trend on twitter!

covid-19,Hindu-Muslim debate

Since the Covid-19 approach in India, the religious companies are turning to different techniques that they deem effective like prayer’s and exhortations towards God. In India, Religious efforts are being amplified in the media and on the social media as well, with chanting sessions frequently going on air. But since the lockdown all the religious places have been asked to shut down, unfortunately not many seems to be following the order. Earlier this week, a group of Tabligh Jamatis in Nimauddin area of New Delhi have been identified covid-19 positive. These people despite of lockdown and an order of social distancing were not abiding by the rules and were continuing to stay together in hiding. These Jamati’s are not from Delhi itself but from several other country’s including many states of India as well.

Since then, the issue has taken a round of Hindu-Muslim debate. Videos are going viral of religious leaders claiming that this infection won’t affect a devotee. This is notwithstanding the truth that neither prayer nor chanting changed into deemed powerful throughout the spanich flu pandemic occurred a century ago or any earlier pandemic that had happened so far. Indian media channels had aired interviews with sadhus or maulvis, chanting sessions, and even videos of believers drinking cow urine or bathing in it, funny enough to be claiming the effluents to be effective safeguards towards the viral strain. Like the fact the advice to take ayurvedic herbs and drink cow urine comes directly from god or our fake godmens?

There are many more such examples of dainty of interesting Indian traditions that appear to do the rounds of fascination, however for one thing the Indian government has accomplished little to reign in both the spreading information and taking the decisive action of it. Now, it’s our turn to not turn a pandemic into a religious chaos. Believing in God is satisfying and harmonious but blindly believing in our so called godmens is a not a good way to go. We are currently on the battle against history’s biggest lockdown however targeting religion into it is definitely going to harness this footing war. We together as united can overcome this battle, all we need is keeping ourselves safe from false information and to do analysis of every message you receive. Together we can fight this. #IndiaFightsCoronavirus  

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