Coronavirus cases in India- complete checklist!

coronavirus in india

Coronavirus is an ongoing epidemic the world is facing together. Started by the end of 2019, this virus to date has taken more than 5000 lives from across the globe. This disease is extremely hazardous and has proved fatal in the most drastic manner. Thus its outbreak proves fatal for every country that counts. In India itself, more than 130 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed which means the country could face its own outbreak of the deadly virus. Though it is not considered as an outbreak in India yet, the fear can be seen in the markets, and why not? A country that has the second-largest population, it would become impossible to control if the virus breaks out. So, India is definitely on alert right now!

Coronavirus cases in India!

More than 130 cases have been confirmed in India along with the ten that have been recovered and three that have been dead. And many of these infections came from the people who recently traveled to Italy, the most affected country of Europe. The Indian Health Ministry has to raise cautions but not an alert yet. The government of India too had begun screening international passengers. The government also imposed travel restrictions on people from badly affected nations such as Italy, Iran and South Korea, adding to the previous screening of travelers from countries including China and Japan. Recently in Agra, a cluster of cases was registered and the authorities of Agra have started taking precautionary measures. They have started planning a ‘containment plan’. The stock of sanitizers and masks had seen a sudden sell-out! Surprisingly, as the ministry raised cautions, many people have already stocked full of sanitizers which left the market out of stock. The demand for all such products raised on an incredible rate and now all such companies seem to be working on a fast scale. India is taking all the possible measures to avoid the outbreak of the disease which also includes adapting plans by other affected countries as well. Authorities have ordered the immediate closure of primary schools until March 31 to prevent local transmission. Coronavirus quarantine measures have been announced in Maharashtra, including in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur, and Pimpri-Chinchawad up to 30 March.

coronavirus in india

Till now, the government laboratories of India only have the consent to test for COVID-19, with a fear that the cases might increase in the future. The 15 government laboratories are only one where Clinical samples can be handled, and the rest 19 laboratories are being ready to test such samples to make sure the adequate geographical spread of India.

“More cases can be expected. Rapidly identifying these cases, isolating them and following their contacts are important initiatives to help limit person-to-person transmission. The speed of our response is critical, which is only possible if we are prepared,” said Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Regional Director, WHO Southeast Asia region, in a statement released on Wednesday. 

Public gatherings have been banned, places such as mosques, halls, temples, and other religious spots have been asked to shut down to control coronavirus transmission in India. One such example is Iskcon temple which is one of the most popular religious places attracting thousands of devotees each year had also advised not to visit for two months. The most potential coronavirus cluster in the nation is, of course, our big-budget weddings, a place where the average gathering exceeds from few hundreds to more than thousands. Restrictions also include the closure of malls, gyms, movie theatres, and even swimming pools.

Died due to Coronavirus in India!

 A total of three deaths from Coronavirus have been identified in India till now. A 64-year old man died in Maharashtra today from COVID-10. He whose wife is stable is the first COVID-19 death in Maharashtra. While a 76-year-old man from Kalaburagi who returned from Saudi Arabia had died on Tuesday last week, and another 68-year-old woman in Delhi who had tested positive for coronavirus had passed away at the Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital last week. All these deaths are of those crossed 60 in age.

Till no, government and people together have done a tremendous job in controlling the spread and also simultaneously are taking the needed actions to stop the spread of the virus. Let’s see what future awaits. 


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