Gender segregation in Educational institutes


When we talk about gender sensitivity, most people confuse it with gender equality. Though both the terms are slightly similar, they don’t impart the same meaning. Gender sensitivity is not about being a feminists’ or if we say ‘meninist’, it’s more about promoting equality on the resources available not on the bleak outer sheet. 

Gender sensitization precedes over gender sensitivity which refers to the modification of behaviors by raising awareness of gender equality concerns. Gender equality can be understood more precisely by knowing about different available rights and their pre occurrence. It is important to realize that all the rights provided to men and women cannot be classified as equal. Equal rights doesn’t means equality, rights must be provided according to the need of the individual. Giving both men and women, the rights they need can only be termed as gender equality. Gender equality at work place could be different from that in educational forums depending upon the resources available. So before understanding gender sensitivity, we should get a complete knowledge over sex and gender. What are these two? Sex is a biological dimension as male and females whereas when we talk about gender, it is a cultural dimension as it is determined as masculinity and feminity. It grows together with our cultural tradition. One is determined at birth while other is generated through the period we grew up. Both men and women are two sides of a coin of the same society.

Why Gender Segregation?

So when talking about Gender segregation in the educational forums, it is a very important to understand the current scenario of the country. So basically, this dates back thousands year ago where people were living in a more sex oriented society. Okay, do we just said sex? It’s a not a thing to be talked in public! Let’s keep our volume down! We typically had two major dimensions to understand sex at ancient time- Khujarao and Kamasutra. These two define how people were more open about the sexual intimacy and discarded the term gender sensitivity. If we take a closer look at the Khujarao, most of the sculptures are seen erotic, at least that’s what google shows us. Search khujarao and you’ll see the result yourself. But much to opposite of it, is a reality that only 10% of all the sculptures at Khujarao are erotic. So we have the evidence that how things gets changed when we include the term sex into it- as just shown by the internet. Then we have Kamasutra, it is one of the ancient sex book we have. And this has been evident today as we have numerous condoms named Kamasutra. But do you know that only 20% of the complete book talks about the “sex” part? No, right? Yet, people around the country are getting awkward around these two dimensions. You can’t openly call out the word Kamasutra unless and until you want to see judgmental eyes creeping on you. And the last but not the least one is when we talk about is the women clothing in the past. Women used to wear minimum clothing at the time, there was no use of blouse and females use to flaunt it open. It wasn’t until Britishers came that women started covering their breast. But now, in the 21st century, things are pretty odd. You can’t probably go out recreating Khujarao, at least not in India. It’s funny how people like to talk about preserving old traditions and customs that they themselves very little know about. So that’s how it works, people themselves are creating buzz over sex when in reality it’s nothing but a kind of a pollination! So, Yes! I avoided the word sex! Lol!


Coming back to gender segregation at schools, what we often witnessed is that girls and boys are made to sit separately- one row for girls and one row for boys. Cool, win-win situation. But why do we made them sit this way? WHY DON’T! Okay not being aggressive but obviously what you say- to avoid inappropriate touches. Man, these kids outside the class have already found their means of “inappropriate touches”. Then we have another clause, according to which students are made to sit separately because they are of two different genders. Wait, is this even a clause? Why are we categorizing them even before they grow up? We need to understand that unless we stop clinging over a thought which suggests them different, since a young age; we can never make them respect this difference in the future. Why boys can’t cry and girls can’t work? Why is it that way? What’s that line but most importantly what about the grey zone – the gap? This patriarchy society has everything on line except common sense!

Gender equality for men is equally important as that for women. Such gender based atrocities adhere the norms that only apply on women. Thus to maintain a healthy and happy nation, gender equality must be brought in work place and the educational forums from the very start. So that kids won’t categorize each other but cherish the difference. The issue of gender equality can be easily tackled, it’s all about changing our mentality and making ourselves bold enough to adopt new challenges and possible solutions.   


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