Gujarat – State of Ancient Work-of-art!


State with Asiatic Lions situated at the western shoreline of India, Gujarat offers a beautiful plethora of ancient monuments, captivating panoramas of the exciting natural landscape, and several enchanting places. The land is full of mesmerizing travel places to fantasize travel enthusiasts and get attracted to its significant craftsmanship assists, architectural marvels, awe-impairing beaches, wildlife reservations, and majestic temples.

When we talk about traveling in winter, many of us can’t think of a place where they can experience sunburns with the melody of soothing winter. Therefore Gujarat is one of the dreamlands for the people who are planning a trip this winter. In this season, this land offers a relishing journey around the city as the weather is as pleasant and appropriate for the people coming from different parts of the world. Gujarat is one of the major tourist spots of India, as it has various glorious places to explore, also offers a prime shopping spot for shopping freaks.

Why choose Gujarat as your next winter tourist destination?

Under a climatic-accommodating condition, there are endless exciting stuff to do and dull spots to visit that the whole occasion interim may miss the mark. Here is a rundown of the six fascinating places to visit in Gujarat during the winter.

Sasan Gir

Sasan Gir assumes a focal job in the conservation of explicit assortments of imperiled wild species. The district of Gir is wealthy in biodiversity, and the land likewise offers gutsy open doors for new darlings. Gir National Park is the enduring sanatorium for the Asiatic Lions, more than 600 assortments of plants, 300 winged animals, and 39 well-evolved creature species. Aside from lions, Gir is additionally mainstream for other significant species like panthers, red-headed vultures, and the Indian python. Devalia Safari Park is additionally recognized as Gir’s Interpretation Zone and has been sorted out to confine the flood of voyagers at the National Park. It has Blue Bull, Leopard, Asiatic Lion, Sambhar, and Peafowl. The Savanna domain is likewise a renowned interest here.

Things To Do: Forest Safari, Shopping, Bird Watching, Tribal Festival, Beach Visit, Magic Workshop, Crocodile Breeding Center, Nature Walk, Aqua Zorbing, Thrill Zone, and much more.

Great Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch is also known as the white desert that takes after the blueprint of a tortoise. Kutch, the previous illustrious republic of Hindustan, is an all-encompassing stretch of salt marshland that is settled in the Thar Desert. The locale is separated into two areas, the Great Rann of Kutch and Little Rann of Kutch. The whole territory remembers large loads of salt for the badlands. Beautiful nightfalls as well as watching the luna on a full moon night while remaining in the superb encompassing is a mystical intrigue to the eyes. There is no other spot like this in India.

Things To Do: Celebrating The Rann Utsav-a lively celebration of excitement and energetic artifact of Gujarat.


The origination of Lord Krishna, Dwarka, is acclaimed for having one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Situated on the west piece of the Saurashtra Peninsula, Dwarka is a part of both Char Dham and Sapta Puris of Hinduism. Because of this heavenly importance, Dwarka is considered one of the definitive goals for the journey. The city has glorious sanctuaries, delightful design, and supported characteristics and social essentialness. Every temple has unmistakable relics and significance concerning Hindu Mythology. The sanctuaries are likewise fortunes of old Indian engineering.

Things To Do:  Exploring sanctuaries and journey.


Situated on the banks of the beautiful Sabarmati River, It is also the new capital of Gujarat city. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, It is well known for its sanctuary of unique sanctuaries, fascinating displays, customary markets, and mechanical tourist spots. The spot is amazingly well known for its mouth-watering nourishment, beautiful way of life, and social ethnicity. Known as Manchester of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is likewise a remarkable representation of materials business and acclaimed for its splash-color bandhani handloom and other nearby handiworks.

Activities to do in Ahmedabad: Walking visit in Sabarmati Ashram, seeing a film at Sunset Drive-In Cinema, sneak look of Jhulta Minara, taking a cheerful ride of the imperial vintage autos at Shopping at Law Garden, Auto World Vintage Car Museum, , legacy walkthrough 600 pols-niches like neighborhoods, Exploring Victoria Garden, toy prepare and water rides to fastened inflatable rides at Kankaria Lake, Boating at Balvatika, and some more.


Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, is a vibrant city of cleaned culture. The town has impeccable sanctuaries and breaths under a quiet climate. The town suffers past hugeness as it was a center of numerous political majority rules system developments. Gandhinagar has a mixed culture of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Hinduism is the critical network, and essential dialects are Hindi and Gujarati. Gandhinagar is renowned for its delicious veg foods like khakhra, bajra, paratha, dhokla, thepla, khandvi, and so on.

Things to do: Enjoy golf at Alloa Hills Resorts, outdoors close to River Sabarmati, Exploring sanctuaries, historical centers, water parks, picture exhibitions, shopping, and some more.


Perhaps the best spot to visit in Gujarat during winter, Vadodara, is a metropolitan city situated in Gujarat. The place is a country to astonishing delegate shows of old-style antiquarianism. Vadodara is additionally perceived as the social capital of India for being one of the commended instructive, mechanical, and monetary centers of the country. The city likewise houses extreme palaces in its property. The cultural festivals like the Navratri Celebration and the lovely places of visitor attraction make Vadodara be one of the alluring spots to visit in Gujarat.

Things To Do: Attending music shows and social occasions in Laxmi Vilas Palace, Relaxing muscles at Aurobindo Yoga Ashram, shopping, outside exercises at Paintball Delta 9, Exploring exhibition halls and picture displays, sailing at Sursagar lake


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