honour killing

Honour Killing In India

India is a secular country where several people of different religions and caste live together happily. But such is a tragic irony that people in India are still not been able to accept this fact which was accepted by the Indian constitution long back. People still dispute over castes and religions. Honour killing is one such fatal consequence of these disputes. Love is important, folk talk about respect, feelings, understanding, loyalty, honesty, contentment and what not? And when it comes to love which is technically the core of these feelings- we just bush it away! Concept of love marriages is not new in India, but loving someone out of your religion or cast is forbidden. I mean why? Do love at first place sought things like this before? Do we love someone after checking all the facts and figure? No completely not, this is insane even to mention but then again we come across cases of honour killing on regular basis. Like the recent case of a couple from Telangana, where the husband was killed by the family of her wife, he was brutally attacked in front of her pregnant wife. Then there are states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan where the issue of honour killing is all time high. Many cases go unreported and many couldn’t get justice. I think honour killing is done because Indian families seek their respect in women chastity, which again highlights the issue of sex education within the country. Why are we still so doomed minded? Is there any prospectus which suggest criteria for an ideal love? The future of this country seems bright when look from outside but as you dig deeper you can notice the ugly kinks and chagrin all around. Honour killing is an evil which just refuses to leave because individuals are not ready to change. Their old ideology has thicken and took an ugly form, it is not a problem of the place, but rather of the mindset the perpetrators carry. So many couples have lost their lives, solely because they married against the wishes of their family. Marriage is ubiquitous and essential, people marry for themselves to stay happy for the rest of their lives, then why aren’t they allowed to choose their own partners? 28 murders were reported under this category in 2014, this number jumped to 251 in 2015, as per the National Crime Record Bureau statistics. There are more than 300 cases of honour killing within last three years.


The will to change comes from the will to improve, and this will is important for a nation to grow. We need to start analyzing things from all sides and for that opening our mindset and coming out that stereotypical bubble is the first step. First limiting a person entirely to whatever community they come from, is largely problematic. Secondly, who a person chooses to marry, or spend their life with, is entirely a personal choice, nobody else should have a word for it. Lastly, accepting love within the communities is essential and not treating women as a property can solve many problems. Thus, all needed to eradicate this evil doesn’t require assets from the shell but from the within! Preserving a so-called “honour”, that for reason becomes more important than the life of a person? It is ironical that we name these murders “honour” killings, when there is not a hint of honour in these exertions.

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