How our looks shapes opinions?


It’s no doubt that our body, skin tone, the way we carry ourselves and most importantly our looks shapes how people think about us. It is widely spread that our looks doesn’t define our character, our skin tone has very less say on who we are but we just can’t deny the fact that every day when we go out, the only thing we look up to- is the way we look. We don’t think anyone of us would go out without checking on his clothes, makeup, shoes and anything that lighten up our visual appearance. It’s natural, you me and everyone possibly on this planet does the same. And why not? Polishing what we already have is a good deal isn’t it?

But the concern goes towards the issue of why and how our looks perceive what others might and might not think about us.

So here what comes to limelight is obviously our skin tones. Yes! Probably that’s what happen in India. People are judged on skin tones. Let’s say you have a black skin- so people might judge you a way differently which can include serious phrases as thief or a criminal. And mind it! This is reality, we am not saying anything fictional. Then you got fair people- who no doubt are FAIRLY much more privileged than the last category, white people as u say them are automatically assumed to be more wealthy and powerful. These are the ones you don’t consider either poor or criminal or anything that falls in that black arena. Then we got moderate people, who in case may find themselves lucky whereas in several others- unlucky, depending on the defender’s skin tone. So it happens and this is not ranting, its what people have encountered so far. Darwins said that climate has a very much less say on our skin tones, but what a recent study found was that our skin tones are highly dependent on the climate. If you actually goes through the history of Human skin tones – you’ll get to know that human ancestral skin tone was actually dark and not white. White skin are result of biological mutation and nothing more than that. The ancient humans evolved in high UV radiated area. And then people scattered. What happened was that the people who lived near the equator received high ultra-violet radiation which caused their skin to produce high amount of melanin whereas the people who lived near the pole receive very low amount of UV radiation which made it harder for their skin to produce melanin and thus there skin turned a bit fairer. So technically the skin prejudice which says that white are superior in true sense defy the basic logic.

Okay this was all about colourism. We have additional points as well like various skin disorders like vitiligo or Lupus. If you don’t know, then Vitiligo is a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. It’s not contagious or deadly but what might surprise you is the fact that such people suffers more than what their skin caused them. They are isolated, stigmatized and somewhat stereotyped for no logic reason. Same goes for lupus and other skin disorders. We tend to hold belle up as a badge of worth. Why we crave for beauty that much and bluntly speaking why people of darker shades are not acceptable? The question isn’t why white is beautiful, my question is why black isn’t beautiful? Why white are considered an emblem of successful? Here’s a deal breaker for you- from past 25 years we have seen rise of colourism or perfectionism at an alarming rate and simultaneously the world also witnessed the rise of depression, anxiety or even suicide rates.

We are at the beginning of an epidemic centralized to the way we look. Not only skin tones, our clothes, our body size, shape and possibly everything unfortunately makes other judge you. You are fat- there’s a problem, you are slim- there’s a problem, you are tall- there’s a problem, you are short- again a problem! This doesn’t end. And even after knowing all of this the sad reality is that if given a chance, 99.9% of us would choose to be fair and slimmer and not darker or fat.

We are just like that, our minds have been programmed in a way that we see and judge people on their appearances. Its time stop such differences and create a better nation where your skin tone doesn’t define your social status. The young people are taught to be a perfectionist in the way they look, even the family keeps on doing shits just to make you a little fairer. And this is exactly where the society preys on their insecurities about how they are appearing to other peoples. This is a society that amplifies our imperfections. And this raises a serious question. How we are structuring our society and whether our society’s heavy emphasis on competition, evaluation and testing is benefiting the young people. The young needs to challenge this prejudice. We need a shift in our thinking process of what makes you see things beautiful and this starts with you. Unless and until you change how you look people- no one else will change.


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