How Thappad is challenging DOMESTIC VIOLENCE in India?


The recent trailer of Anubhav Sinha starring Taapsee Pannu in lead role ‘Thappad’ is challenging the basics of domestic violence in India. The center of the movie revolves around one simple line- “Just a slap, Par nahi maar sakta”. This dialogue in itself sounds much simpler than it is portrayed in the trailer. Where on one hand everyone is calling Aarti over reactive, the protagonist is content over her decision to fight back. Even the simple slap shows us the symptoms of male dominant society. But why the movie is creating such a hype and what social message the makers are trying to give out? Let’s check that out!

Thappad revolving around domestic violence in India

The word domestic violence is driven from two words domestic and violence where, domestic means family and violence means hurting someone physically or mentally, and when violence take place in domestic setting by one person against other is known as domestic violence. Domestic violence includes physical, mental, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse. Generally males are physically stronger than females thus this become the only factor that women experience more severe forms of violence. The main reason for domestic violence is gender inequality the discrimination between men and women. Domestic violence is one of the most underreported crime in the world for both men and women. Domestic violence mostly consider as physical violence in which the practices of beating and battering is included.

Okay now this was the basic definition one could give out of domestic violence, but is it a complete story? We doubt that! Mostly in India the cases of domestic violence seems to be raging not because of the severity of the situation but mostly because women now are choosing to speak up. Majorly this type of violence occurs when the abuser thinks that whatever they do is justified and acceptable, and thinks that victim can’t do anything in against, like rising voice against this terror, which explains the vulnerability of females in the nation. Many time the victims of domestic violence thinks that this type of abuse and violence is the part of family conflict.  


In India domestic violence refers to that violence in which women is humiliated physically or mentally by a male member or relatives in his family. In most of the cases, a victim of domestic violence is a women whereas the abuser is man, so it can be easily interpreted that men somehow see’s women as their properties. Understand by this example, in the movie ‘Thappad’ the protagonist is slapped by her husband out of anger which most of the people look as a sign of instant anger and is thus normalized. But, the question here arises, that if you are angry would you choose to slap your parents as an outcome? Certainly No, than why your wife? Simply because you look at her as vulnerable to the situation. In India the major cases of domestic violence is seen in the cases of dowry. Things are normal till the bridegroom family starts for demanding things such as goods or cash and when parents of bride is unable to fulfill their demand then the result occurred as a domestic violence like beating or battering and sexual abuse which is faced by the women only. In some cases the dowry leads to crime against women like emotional abuse and injury to even deaths.

The other reason of domestic violence in India is the orthodox and idiotic mindset of the society that women are physically and emotionally weaker than the males. Though the women in this country have proved themselves in every field and they also proved that they are no less than men but the orthodox society with the mindset of men can do anything and women are still the weaker section of the society generate the key for domestic violence against women.

Lack of basic education is the key reason behind the abuse. Men with no high school education had a weaker mindset toward the other section of the society. This kind of illiterate section works only on the mentality of gender discrimination between men and women. With the orthodox mentality that males are superior then women in every field generate the roots of domestic violence. The other reason is of course low self-esteem. Women with less education have the less sense of self-worth and when they suffers from the domestic violence they thinks that this abuse and violence is the part of family conflict and accept it with no objection.

Thappad synopsis

Why a women is choosing to leave her family just because of a slap? In a country like India, this question is surely hard hitting. Can a slap really sum up as domestic abuse? Well, it is a complex question but with a simple answer- Yes. A slap whether in public or private is one of the most basic step towards more violent forms of abuse. A man hitting is wife, even just a slap, shows that how he look at her as his property. Violating women is really a complex situation because in India, violence against women is so generalized that today people like me and you are writing about it. A simple slap can lead to beating, can lead to rape, can lead to torture, and can lead to murder- Yes it can. Because a slap is much more than it sounds.     


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