Human Animal Marriages In India

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India is full of crazy rituals but one weirdest part- dare to say crazy, is that it is legal to marry any animal such as dog in the country. One can marry any animal of their choice but marrying a dog seems most popular. The world has witnessed throughout ages that people marrying their pets or any non-human animal for whatever reason but in India it is a custom doing so. Sound just as crazy as it is, many parts of the country perform human animal marriages just as a matter of superstition. Marriage between zoophile humans and non-human animals isn’t acknowledged in law by any country at present but on the other hand allowed by the traditions. The practice of animal-human marriage has made appearances in several mythological stories and folklore and is often considered a deity act. The Santhal tribe believes a child is in grave danger if their very first tooth appears on the upper gum so in order to disappear the evil the child is married to a dog, however they can marry a human after growing up. Similarly in Darjeeling, when a girl first experience her menstruation she is either married to a banana tree or a dog as a part of a custom. In Indian astrology, there is a combination of star positions at the time of the birth that is called Manglik. As per belief, people who are manglik negatively affect the longevity of their spouse and thus to break this curse the girl has to marry a dog or a tree for that matter. However for a boy, he just needs to perform some Pooja to get rid of the bad luck.

indianness,Man-Dog Marriage, animal human marriages in india

Man-Dog Marriage

Be it superstition or ritual, the practice of marrying an animal is as weird as it may sound. The world is obsessing over the love for pets and animals and that is completely understandable but marrying them just because your custom says it is not sensible. Marriage is a universal phenomenon which includes love and respect, if you love an animal (like ‘if’) then it is no issue if you marries them, but this bizarre ritual is just not what a true marriage means. Marriage means two person loving each other for life, taking care of each other and sharing responsibilities, how can a dog do it? Yes, one may get married later to a human after completing the ritual, but the question is what is the need of marrying an animal first? Sentiments, emotions and believes are attached with this practice, so arguing about eradicating it, is too a tough task.


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