what have we achieved so far : India Independence Day


देश के लिए प्यार है तो जताया करो…!! किसी का इंतजार मत करो…गर्व से बोलो जय हिन्द…! अभिमान से कहो भारतीय है हम…!! 


As we step towards the 73rd Independence day of India, the pride and proud of being a citizen of a democratic country like India- is running down in our nerves. Last night I have been to the market where I saw children selling flags on the streets and immediately I was reminded about the drastic situation of India. How people are still unemployed, how women conditions have been miserable and how corrupt people have been. I felt disturbed after the view but since it is Independence Day I also couldn’t stop thinking about the achievements we have gained since 1947.

India’s Achievements since Independence

India has always been a country of diversity and cultural reforms. We have witnessed changes throughout the centuries and all these changes were somehow both- good or bad. But what was unusual was people criticizing only bad and lack appreciation on good. And this is why people only know a little about achievements and a lot about failures. For information, do you know that since independence Indian population has been increased by 274% that is from 359 million to 1,342 million! Literacy rate has been increased by 517% that is from 12% to 74%, food grain production by 460% from 50 million tonnes to 280 million tonnes. Also the milk production has seen a well rise of 218% that it has increased from 17 million tonnes to 54 million tonnes and rail network of 24.4% from 53,596 routes kilometers to 66,687 routes kilometers. So you see, here’s the evidence that India has gained quite a lot development since past 73 years. It’s no doubt that there are many factors by which one can provide evidence of all the bad as well but contrary to the believe of only an underdeveloped country- if we start focusing on what good has been done, we can certainly start encouraging one. There has been magnificent progress in the field of education. More than 100 million children receive education at the primary level. Today, there are about 300 universities in India. Diversification of education at senior school, colleges and universities levels has also been taken up by the Government of India. Education has also helped people migrate from villages to the cities and seek better livelihood. Several multinational companies continue to outsource their telecom and IT services to the country. And through the introduction IT sector and MNC’s in the country- employment ratio has also been increased by almost having 24% of all employment share. While many do believe that the country’s growth in last six decades have been average, there are many who believe that India has achieved. Do you know that India have designed and built Asia’s first nuclear reactor ‘Apsara’ on August 4 1956 and we currently has 21 nuclear reactors in operation in 7 nuclear power plants. And then if you really compare India with other developed nations such as US then let me tell you that India gave every adult the right to vote from the very first day of independence whereas in the US, the right to vote to every individual was given more than 150 years after their independence! India is among the five nations to send unmanned mission to moon. India is among the few nation that produces lowest cost producer of steel, aluminum, cement and fertilizer. India is the largest producer of films in the world and second oldest film industry in the world. And then we really say India has not developed?

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We know there are many seemingly distressing things going around in the country and there are tonnes of social evils required to be eradicated but when talk in a long run, everything needs time to get changed and not all the things can be changed together. Even self-development needs time then how can we expect the whole damn nation to get developed within a blink of an eye? The achievements we have achieved since independence are enough to fit right in these 73 years and India definitely is going to achieve many more milestones in the coming future. All we need is to appreciate the achievements and accept the changes. Unless and until we start exploring the positive sides, all we’ll witness will be negative. Together we have to fight the odds or till then support the even. It is very important for us as a citizen, to be proud of our country. Not being patriotic but at least proud- that’s the very first thing we can be on this independence day and all the other day’s after that!


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