India stands with Janata Curfew!

janata curfew,coronavirus

Millions stay indoor as PM Modi calls for Janata Curfew. Several came out at their doors and windows to blow whistles and claps as to appreciate those working for us in the tough times. These are our brave doctors, cleaners, media persons and others who are doing their best to control the coronavirus epidemic!

Of the all seven nations of Europe that have been recorded more than 10,000 instances of COVID-19, 4 are the biggest economies like Italy, Germany, France, and including Spain. Other than China, the supply of this coronavirus outbreak, Asia has one more nation in the list that is Iran. The seventh country within this 10,000+ list of infected people is the United States. As for the nine nations that have recorded cases between 1,000 and 10,000 cases, all however one also are in Europe, the only Asian country on this second list is South Korea which have done a commendable job in controlling the numbers. The other Asian countries with the most important populations like India, Indonesia and Japan have exceptionally few instances of coronavirus infections so far. India is having the least among these with almost 360 recorded cases as of now.

Janata Curfew marks the togetherness of India at the time of National emergency!

As cases starts rapidly increasing in India, several states call out for lockdown including Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab and even the capital Delhi. The Centre and state governments have decided to completely shutdown 75 districts across the country where the numbers are at greater dice! All railway operations across the nation will be suspended until March 31, 2020 along with the Metro rail services and all inter-state passenger transport have also been suspended till March 31.

Janata curfew,coronavirus

“The state governments may expand the list demanding on their assessment of the situations,” said the government statement.

The chief secretaries of all the major states informed the Cabinet Secretary in a meeting, approximately the “overwhelming and spontaneous” response received by the Janata to the ‘Janata Curfew’ call given by our Prime Minister. In his address to the kingdom on Thursday, PM Modi urged fellow citizens to observe “Janata Curfew” on March 22 from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. Under Janata Curfew, the PM appealed humans to stay away from public locations and self-isolate themselves in their homes. This was well followed by the citizens as majority managed to stay isolated for over 12 hours. Also the 5 pm instruction had too received an incredible response as people round go cheering the people working at the time of tough crises by whistling and clapping from their balconies. As the videos go viral on internet, the tremendous response has been nothing less than incredible!

“This is a completely serious situation. We want to interrupt the chain to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. If we do that, then we will be saved. That is why we have determined to droop our operations throughout Assam till 24 March,” AAMTA secretary preferred Pradip Das advised PTI.

Death toll due to COVID-19 has raised to 7 in India with total number of confirmed cases climb to 360 said the Union Health Ministry. Whereas, six new cases reported in Karnataka, tally rises to 26. Number of Covid19 cases rises to 21 in Punjab, according to the State Health Department. So, by just looking at the rising number it is not tough for us to understand the seriousness of the situation, India is indeed on an alert now!

The world right now is in danger and our lives is in the hand of the unknown. All around the world, people are taking necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families from coronavirus. Sound preparation, based on scientific evidence, is what is needed at this time. But more than that it needs our support. It is not the pandemic that happens it is our response that occurs. In Italy in a day, it infected thousands and took away hundreds. There are currently 177 Countries, areas and territories with cases more than 2 lakh 34 thousand and 73 confirmed cases, so you see this virus is not a joke anymore. according to WHO the virus spreads rapidly from person to person even without the direct contact, it’s like a chain that continue happening in a loop and it is this loop which we needs to break down. We need to break this cycle by human intervention and how can we do that? By staying inside our house on a serious note. We call it a lockdown, many say it’s a violation of personal rights but on the global level, is it really? Yeah, maybe it is but that’s for our own concern. We have to trade a little of this freedom for the greater good of the world. Acceptance is the major key that plays a crucial role over here. This quarantine may have proved biggest in the world history but this quarantine is exactly what will help us keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. And by doing this we can simultaneously flatten the curve. We can overcome the coronavirus epidemic. BUT as it is said that public polices needs both sides of agreements. Quarantine is extremely exceptional but also needed. We need to cooperate with the authorities and with ourselves as well to fight this. And I know that we all have the resilience and courage to do this. It is our civic duty. Some methods can do a big benefit and some methods can fail, but after all we all our humans, remember tough time needs tough measures. These measure either will work or fail but hope and try is what we need to do at the time of national emergency. Facing a global pandemic, every nation needs its people support. Our world needs your support more than ever now. Choice is yours.   


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