International Plastic Bag Free Day


It is unique day to raise awareness about the growing plastic pollution in the world. And why not? The main source of everyday plastic is indeed a plastic bag. Do you know, on an average a plastic bag is used for only 25 minutes, it takes between 100 and 500 years for a plastic bag to disintegrate, a whopping one million plastic bags are used around the world every minute and 80% of marine litter is plastic! This year marks a very special point to this day’s history as for the first time many countries are coming up together and involving in a#breakfreefromplastic movement. Countries like South Korea, Chile, and Croatia to Iceland are taking action to reduce plastic waste. In Madrid Spain, Greenpeace hung a massive 16 x 8 metre banner reminding everyone of the negative impact of plastic bags. Many organizations on the other hand are encouraging citizens to switch to ecofriendly products rather than using plastics.

It is very important to control the plastic usage because it is posing a great threat for the humanity.

Plastic is eradicating many of the sea species. Do you know that there are 8 plastic gyres at 5 important oceans! Plastic takes years to decompose and street animals such as cows and dogs end up dyeing because they eat plastic. Plastic is an incredibly useful material, but it is also made from toxic compounds known to cause illness, and because it is meant for durability and it is not biodegradable. As plastic is less expensive, it is one of the most widely available and overused item in the world today. It is nearly impossible to break down plastic and thus the plastic waste remains for a long time. Plastic pollution isn’t limited to itself only but is significantly contributing to land, air and water pollution. Plastic thrown in water end up eaten by water animals and thus hamper their existence. On the other hand as plastic is not biodegradable, it adds up to land pollution and then if we burn plastic, it releases a lot of toxic compounds thus raising air pollution. So you see, it’s a complete cycle and how your one polybag can actually hamper land water and air all together. The use of and exposure to plastics has been linked to a number of health concerns affecting people around the world. Apart from these plastic is huge burden to your wallet as well.

Have you ever wondered the amount of plastic we find once we enter any supermarkets? All of our food, clothes and daily necessities are packed in plastic wrappers. Even our food items are packed in plastic. It is shocking to realize the rate of plastic production on daily basis! Why the production rate is so high? Because the consumer rate is high. We prefer purchasing stuff beautifully packed in plastics rather than any other materials. It is a kind of mindset which we have adopted in order to maintain our fake elegance. Breaking plastic threat begins with our door step. We need to stop buying plastic products and switch over to paper bags. Carry your own cloth bag when you go out for shopping, also the companies should make cloth bag or jute bags available for the customers.  Plastic food containers, lids, and utensils are all can easily be replace by reusable containers, which will cut down significantly on even a single meal’s waste. Recycling is not a solution for plastic threat, as recycled plastic just being used for a different purpose is also a plastic itself. Therefore concern should be shifted to cut the demand. All these solutions are not achievable without our involvement. Getting involved, speak to lawmakers and get involved with government on any level, and you’ll see how many special interest groups have made it so that we can free ourselves from this dependency on plastic. One way which I personally suggest breaking plastic usage is making your own products. You can certainly relax your wallet by using home made products rather than buying it from the market. They are more better as they are fresh and 100% toxic free, plus you made it yourself you know what is suitable for you. Apart from these you can buy vegetables and fruits from the farmers market directly, the products there are fresh and cheap than you’ll find in any grocery store. This will keep you healthier and you will feel less lethargic. Thus what according to me is the best way to bid farewell to plastic pollution, is changing our lifestyle and trust me you’ll witness some of the most amazing amount of benefits received in return.


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