animal cruelty

Is animal cruelty and human abuse connected?

Who isn’t aware about the recent Australia fire where millions of animals lost their lives and rest their habitat? This may be arguable as a natural calamity. Then thousands of them are caged inside zoos and circuses, some as pets some as toys! Tons of animals are subjected to cruelty inside research laboratories and hundreds suffer on streets. So it’s like a world where animals are less considered as a fellow living being but more as an object. If we talk about cruelty towards animals, it isn’t just indicate the personality flaw in the abuser but also shows lack of sympathetic empathy. It is a result of deep mental disturbance or a disorder. Research shows that people who torture animals and participate in criminal activities can easily commit acts of cruelty towards fellow humans as well.  

“Murderers … very often start out by killing and torturing animals as kids,” said Robert K. Ressler, who outline silhouette of criminals for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

What do research says about animal cruelty?

Do you know that research shows that violent and aggressive abusers are much likely to abuse animals from a young age than criminals who are said to be non-aggressive? A report from a survey conducted, psychiatric patients who had again and again tortured animals found that majority of them had higher aggression towards humans as well. According to a police study in Australia- “100% of sexual offenders tested had a history of animal cruelty.” Not only this another study conducted by Chicago Police Department says that a stunning propensity of people charged with animal cruelty to commit violent offences towards humans as well. Out of all who have been arrested for animal cruelty, almost 65 % has also been arrested for battery against humans. Of 36 convicted several murderers questioned, 46% agreed committing animal cruelty or torture since a young age. And of 7 school shootings that took place across Chicago, all involved kids who had previously committed acts of animal cruelty. It’s a kind of a fascination or a pleasure doing cruelty towards animals for the offenders as it offers a red flag to the background of such people. Studies also found that almost 71% to 83% of female enduring domestic violence reported that their abusers also abused the family pet.

animal cruelty

Kids who does acts of animal cruelty are sending clear out loud warnings that they may pose a threat to them as well as to others. It is a warning sign for at-risk youth! Chronic physical aggression which is of course the animal cruelty, by primary school kids increases the chances that they might commit regular physical violence and nonviolent forms of delinquency during their childhood. It is said that the child who abuses animals can also act violent at home as well. Such children needs professional interventions as early as possible to remove possibilities of future abusive treatments.

Laws or policies addressing the connection between animal abuse and other violence in India

India is home to various religious backgrounds thus sympathy towards animals is a normal thing. But since the advent of this modern world where religious devotion seems to be shedding day by day, forms of Animal cruelty comes to action too. India’s first national animal welfare law which is the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960; criminalizes animal cruelty, though many exceptions are there for the treatment of animals used for scientific experiments. This law also created the Animal Welfare Board of India just to ensure the anti-cruelty principles were introduced and promoted animal welfare. But since 1960, several amendment had taken place that restricts businesses by animal torture. In 2013 India made it illegal to use captive dolphins for public entertainment. Similarly, in 2017, The Ministry of Environment, had released four new Tabloid notifications under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 to regulate dog breeders, animal markets, and aquarium owners. Not only in India, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act are all around the world claiming full protection to animals. Apart from laws, many NGO’s are too working for the same cause. But despite having such laws and policies, not much benefits are provided to animals.

One good thing among this is that, today the world has more animal lovers than a generation ago. NGO’s like Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, Friendicoes, Stray Relive and Animal Welfare and many more are working cohesively to prevent animal cruelty within their regions. These ngo’s send ambulances around their area to rescue and help many lone animals who are homeless. But what’s our role in this cycle? Well we can put a complete full stop to violence against animals by just simply reporting animal abuse. Just by recognizing the issue, we can contribute a lot towards the cause. By encouraging local law enforcement and people to take animal crimes seriously is the key to creating a community which is much safer for animals as well as human beings.    

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