It’s International Men’s Day!

Being a man, how do you feel? Superior? Powerful? Strong or Dominating? Or else do you feel weak, captured brutally in this patriarchic society, emotionally assaulted and Pretendence? Being a man means thousands of emotions and unsaid words. We talk about women issues, we talk about feminism and we talk about brutality against women. Why don’t talk about men? Why are they important for the society? And most importantly, can women be a women without men? Let’s celebrate their courage, will and determination that is still going on.

Why do we celebrate Men’s day?

International Men’s Day is celebrated each year on 19th of November to mark the beauty of men’s existence. It is celebrated to address men’s issue, raise awareness and talk about men’s health. To promote gender equality and gender relations. International Men’s Day was first introduced by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh in 1999. He was a lecturer at the University of the West Indies and teach History. And since then it has been observed each year globally. It’s been going on since last 30 years. This day encourages men and women to talk and teach young boys about the importance of their existence- and this certainly don’t involve being superior, it’s all about cherishing who they are. It’s not that the people are trying to celebrate International Men’s Day equivalent to International Women’s Day, it is all about bringing a sense of belonging to masculine souls. Do you know that boys are 25% less likely to be taken into care and 25% less likely to be adopted? Most of the developmental issues are faced by males. Acknowledging depression is very less likely in men. They are three times more likely to commit suicide than females. They are notorious asking for help, relying on someone or just speaking out what they wanted to. It’s sad, that the society doesn’t know how to nurture men, how to console them or even just to accept that men can cry too. Yes! We women pity on our situations and we know it’s tough for them- but at least women has a liberty to cry it out. People listen’s and respond to a cry of a women. How many of you out there doesn’t judge a men crying? Few of you, maybe. Since childhood men are asked not to cry, be strong, and be a breadwinner. They are expected to be good drivers, dashing fighters, lifting weights and being protective. People says men should protect women and of course they should, but if they are the protectors, who will protect them? Isn’t we be teaching that men and women should protect each other? Don’t let them suffer in silence, don’t ask them to be braver- because it’s never about being brave or weak, it’s all about being who you are.

It’s time to break the silence, break the stigma and stop saying ‘Man up’! Let’s acknowledge and accept each other’s issue, talk about them and work together. Because a society is not being just male or female- it’s about being a person. Just as much as women is important for a society, men are equally important too. Because in every women there is a men.

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