Lockdown Extended till 3rd May: Quick Highlights of PM Modi Address


As we all know that the whole world is facing a pandemic situation, and the doctors and scientist have not yet come up with any specific vaccination. If we look through the active case, then the number will shock you as the death toll in India has increased from coronavirus and has gone up to 377. Over 1000 coronavirus cases were reported across the country in the past 24 hours.

With the continuation of the lockdown, the Government of India has decided to extend it till 3rd of May. Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji said, stakeholders including states, other authorities of India and people have favoured the extension of lockdown.

 Mr Modi said an integrated and holistic approach had helped India to handle the situation appropriately. He further stated, the tight vigil will be kept on all hotspots and control zones, and severe usage of the lockdown will be guaranteed in coming days with the goal that the infection doesn’t spread to new regions. He included all areas, territories and states will be firmly checked over its exhibition as for the execution of lockdown standards and the board of hotspots, till twentieth April.

The Prime Minister stated, after twentieth April, States which won’t have hotspots or which have not permitted hotspots to come up, they could be allowed, with specific conditions, to let some crucial exercises continue.

Here are the features of the location during Lockdown:

  • The lockdown is authoritatively reached out to the third of May.
  • Until the twentieth of April, all the hotspot locales and the districts that are nearly hotspot will be checked cautiously.
  • In this period, the guidelines will be reinforced in these territories.
  • Post the twentieth of April, and if these zones contain the spread, there may be unwinding on the lockdown controls on those locales.
  • The unwinding will be switched if there are any new episodes in those areas.
  • The unwinding will be finished thinking about the predicament of the poor and everyday workers.
  • There are endeavours by the administration to limit the issues ranchers face while securing the produce.
  • The Prime Minister welcomed youths of the country to approach in setting up the immunization for COVID-19
  • The nitty-gritty rules of the complete lockdown will be authoritatively discharged by the administration tomorrow.

Therefore, it is well suggested that continue exploring your indoor talent, invest your precious time in reading books, learning different languages or so and we must be thankful for the situation that we are getting plenty of time to have a chit chat with family over a morning to evening coffee. Let us all stand together and welcome the statement of Mr. Modi with peace and promise to stay home and safe.


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