Mahabharata- moralistic view

When we talk about religions, one thing for sure comes in our minds are the holistic books of each religions. Just like Islam has Quran and Christianity has bible, Hinduism has two books ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’. Each book describes the norms, standards and morals of living and suggest how the individual should lead their lives. In this article we will talk about the moralistic view of the holy book Mahabharata, which each one of you must have been familiar with. Several morals from the book can actually deal with our present moralistic dilemmas.

Wrong actions doesn’t justify the right ending

While Krishna himself choose not to lift the weapon, used some tricks which eventually led the Pandavas win the war. Like when Arjuna was not determined enough to fight against his kins, Krishna told him what was right for him to do and thus made him fought against the Kauravas. On the other hand when Bhishma was going to kill Arjuna, Krishna used half male half female Shinkhandi because he knew that Bhishma will be forced to drop his weapons. On the other hand when Dronacharya was to kill the Pandavas, Krishna tricked by killing an elephant named Ashwatthama and made Yudhishtra convey the message to the Dronocharya who believed that his son named Ashwatthama had died which resulted in him being distracted during the war and eventually being killed. Krishna knew that Karna may use his shield which he can use only once in the final battle against the Pandava brothers, tricked Bheem’s son Ghatotkhach to create a havoc in the night which was initially not the declared time to fight. The havoc lead Karna use up his shield. All these tricks used by lord Krishna was in fact led to the victory of the Pandavas. Thus it is clear that wrong actions doesn’t always justify the right ending.


Half knowledge can be dangerous

Arjuna was telling his wife Subhodhra while she was pregnant, that how he can enter and exit the Chakravyuh but she slept while Arjuna was about to tell about his exit. This was why Abhimanyu only knew how to enter the Chakravyuh but doesn’t know how to get out of it which eventually lead him to his death. Thus it is proven that half knowledge can be actually dangerous for the one.

Your duty is the first priority

During Mahabharata, Arjuna was not keen on fighting against his own uncle and brothers, he was hesitant. This is when lord Krishna told him about his rightful duties and why it is important to fulfill our responsibilities even if it takes a lot from us. That is why even Draupadi knowing that none of her children will survive doesn’t choose to stop the war. That’s why Bhishma knowing that Shikhandi would also be present in the battle didn’t choose to step away. That’s why Karna knowing the importance of his Kawacch gave it away on his mother’s request. That’s why even lord Krishna knowing about the mass death didn’t choose to prevent the war. Because in the end what matters is our responsibility towards what is right and wrong.

Think before we speak:

Draupadi taught us to think before we speak. Some scholars believe that it was Druapadi who led to the war. She insulted Karna when he participated in her Swayamvar whereas she also said harsh words to Duryodhan when he visited their palace. Her harsh words soared Duryodhan to take revenge on the Pandava brothers.   


We should not be blinded by love:

According to Mahabharata though Dhritrarashtra was a good man, his love for his sons was blind. That’s why he never corrected them on their mistakes and eventually they were turned into some of the most rebellious men. If he had corrected them from childhood, the war wouldn’t had taken on the first place. This teaches us that correcting are loved ones doesn’t mean that we love them less but means that you are protecting them from the future risks.

Bad company can ruin your life beyond imagination and the right friendship can take you places:

Mahabharata has both the consequences of bad friendship whereas the inspiration for good friendship. The friendship or what we say relationship influence of Shakuni on Duryodhan ruined thing beyond repair. It was Shakuni’s dirty mind behind Duryodhan’s actions. In fact the dice game idea which led to such a dreadful battle indeed came from the brain of Shakuni. Whereas if we see the friendship between lord Krishna and Arjuna, it shows how true friendship doesn’t leave your hands even in severe situations. How true friendship support each other at the time of crises. Thus it is clear that our company has a great influence on our lives and lifestyles. How good friendship can take you places and how bad company can actually ruin your life beyond repair.

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