Mistakes made by Italy that India shouldn’t overlook!


Coronavirus, that left almost no nation untouched and no border uncrossed has been trading its root in India too. With number of cases increasing each day, India currently has more than 500 cases in total. The estimates reinforce concerns among some medical specialists in the country of 1.4 billion people could see coronavirus instances jump sharply inside the coming weeks. The scientists said projections may vary as the nation is testing more people day by day and at the same time are also installing stricter regulations and measures to control the spread of the virus.

Italy which is the new epicenter of coronavirus pandemic has something to share.

Italy has been one of the worst hit by this new deadly virus that left thousands dead and double infected. In just a span of a month, the country has lost thousands of its citizens. In a day on an average the recorded deaths are no less than hundreds, so its not entirely impossible for India to overlook the mistakes made by Italy in the starting few weeks. The Italian government has sent in the army to put in force the lockdown country-wide, where bodies have piled up in churches. The government tightened the national lockdown, sealed parks, banning outdoor sports including strolling or going for walks even at some distance from home. But that’s exactly not what the government did at the starting!


The tragedy of Italy stands as a clear warning to India and all the other nations that have been working hard controlling the virus. Firstly, the biggest mistake Italy did was not declaring a lockdown in the starting few weeks. All the nations including India, however has overcome the first obstacle by declaring the nationwide lockdown. This is an extremely crucial step towards controlling the virus. Only if had Italy done this before, a lot of lives could have been saved. At this moment of humanity crises, the countries should take some tough measures like shutting down the factories, a place where thousands work together. No doubt this step could result drastic in economy drop but if lives aren’t saved, what can matter more? Just by isolating towns and shutting down factories we can surely lag behind the virus’s lethal trajectory.

“Now we are running after it,” said Sandra Zampa, the under secretary at the Ministry of Health in Italy.

Governments past Italy, are now in risk of following the same trajectory, repeating the same mistakes and alluring similar calamity. And in contrast to Italy, which navigated unexplored enclave for a Western democracy, other governments have much less room for excuses. Italy had missed major opportunities by not testing citizens in the initial days. All the nations including India now shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes, the South Korea has done an incredible job under this as it planted several mobile clinics at few distances for people to continually get checked. So, it is the time for all the Stage two and three countries to adopt the similar policy. Just this small step can prove a big deal in reducing the numbers.  

Not only the Italian government failed, the people also failed at understanding the emergency of the situation. As it is said that the public policies needs both sides of agreements, as soon as the Italian government considered a ordinary lockdown necessary to defeat the coronavirus, it failed to speak the threat powerfully to the Italian citizens to abide with the aid of the rules and the citizens too on their part didn’t stayed indoors even after when the numbers were increasing when the virus exploded. Yes, we absolutely agree that implementing a lockdown in a liberal democracy can fail, but now the rest of the countries need to take this more seriously. After seeing what happened with China and Italy, all the governments shouldn’t take this outbreak normal.

The coronavirus epidemic now isn’t a government fight, it is the people fight. Remember the government can only provide the necessities, aiding the disease totally depends on you. For coronavirus, a time span of 10 days could be a lifetime. If you choose to stay indoors just for few days- the disease will go away on its own.

and several states had shut down public places in the high populace density country to control the spread of the disease. The prospect of transmission from younger human beings to the elderly in the families can too stack the odds against powerful containment of the disease, therefore a lockdown becomes extremely important. The government can worry about the dropping economy and feeding the country during a lockdown, and this alone can prove an impotence in controlling this pandemic. So, here comes the citizens responsibility to stand by its authorities in fighting the epidemic together. Every nation needs its people support at the time of national emergency- so it’s really out bit and call to help them combating this evil and restoring peace again.


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