You all must know what does the words moral and hypocrisy means. If we combine both the terms it become moral hypocrisy. So if now ask what is moral hypocrisy, how do you ascribe it? A proper definition says- Moral hypocrisy is the motivation to appear moral, while, if possible, avoiding the cost of being moral. Which means that we portray ourselves as moralistic people but when have to pay the cost- we just tend to walk away. Let’s consider by certain examples:

We all claim to be feminists but don’t give up any privileges that come with being a woman. Doesn’t that makes us hypocrites? Understand by example, we keep on saying women are stronger, but when travel in public transport- why do we ask men to give their seats? Aren’t strong people can stand for a while? Another case, we all claim that men and women both have rights to earn a living, so why does a female always expect a man to pay the bill? Then we have super feminists who keep on shouting we deserve equal rights, so why these women after marriage doesn’t want equal responsibilities. Again hypocrites.

We all are tired of corrupt politicians and administration but bribe the policemen to escape a fine after breaking a red light. We make taunts on governments for being so corrupt, but we pay bribe to the teachers, for getting our child admitted in schools. We all brag about the ill sanitation but we all keep on throwing waste on the streets. We complain that the systems are too slow but it’s us who don’t pay bills on time. We all brag about women security, but ignores the one molested in front of us. And then we say government is corrupt. It’s not the government who is corrupt, it’s us who encourage them to keep on being corrupt.

If a foreigner abuses an Indian, we call them ‘Racists’ while continue to differentiate between North and South Indian. This is one of the best example of moral hypocrisy. We see a number of cases everyday against the violation happening on north and South Indians and say- “what is happening to our youth?” and then we are the same to call a north Indians as “chinki” or a south Indian as “madrasi”. They are totally discarded here in west India, and are continuously subjected to ill tantrums and taunts. And then we cry- “America is racist towards India”.

We talk about equality of sexes yet hardly take RAPE against men seriously. A significant proportion of victims of rape or other sexual violence incidents are male. A 2014 study found that 93.3% male rape victims reported only male perpetrators. And yet we don’t tend to take them seriously. We make fun of them even if a case gains light- and just like that it vanishes. We don’t shed light over the male molestation whereas we protest against female molestation. If we say that men and women are equal then why not in these cases? We have to make our self-clear about what do we reciprocate from the word equal.

moral hypocrisy

We take the word “mamatha” very seriously. It is highly regarded as the love of a mother for her children. And then we oppress women like an animal. Where on the one hand cows are treated like mothers there on the other hand women are treated like an animal. They are tortured, raped, molested, and murdered just like no big deal. They are burned in the name of dowry and raped in a name of marriage. They are scolded for not being a decent women but are said ‘behen ji’ when wearing salwar kameez. They are slut shamed for wearing shorts but are considered a preferred girlfriend for the male counterparts. We want our sons to get good jobs but our daughters only to get good husbands. And guess what? We say a mother is next to god. Seriously? We all have read verses of Radha confessing to Lord Krishna to make love to her, and we find no offence chanting these lines again and again , but would go crazy if a couple kiss in public.

We restrict our children talking with strangers yet we marry them off to a complete stranger. We say love is sacred but get furious if our children date someone. We say all religions are equal, but don’t let our kids marry outside their religion. We all have heard our parents saying “abhi bacche ho tum” during several arguments but have also heard “ab bacche nahi rahe tum” at the same time. All these things do add up to Indians being hypocrites.

And these examples can go on and on- the list is actually endless. Hypocrisy is deeply associated with our nature. Moral lessons are provided from childhood but hypocrisy comes from the surroundings. People are not taught to be hypocrites but learn it themselves by getting influenced by the society. The term supports so many examples that it become even harder to think about development. But hence, change is indeed a bitter or a better truth- a time will come when there won’t be any moral hypocrisy left in the nation. When what we say supports to what we feel. But that time is far, till then it’s our responsibility to bring change first in ourselves and then in others. We need to enlighten our thoughts free from taboos and free from stereotypes. Let’s create a nation greater than yesterday and better than today.


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